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Where is the coil wire located on a Honda Accord ex at?



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if you have and 98 Honda accord , first you goin to need to remove the entire dashboard which mean disconnecting all pluggs. Dont try to be smart and remove the dashboard and lift it up because that will only cause you more problems.

1 take the screws of the steering wheel underneath , this will give you more room and alot more simple to drop the steering stick down.

2 Disconnected battery this will give you the chance too unplugg all the wires and connecters, like this with the battery disconnected if any wire or plugg touches the floor it wont mess up the airbaggs or ecu's. once you get all of this out the way then you will b free to work on the heating coil.

3 Here is where you goin to need lots of patients start takin off all the screws that holds once you get that pipe out , you have 1 big black box divided by 3 on the passenger side all the way to the center of the car.

4 Remove the condenser which is the middle box, once you get that out of the way and completely removed then you work your self to the heating coil which is that box in the middles that left.