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Behind your back seat cushion. You have to remove the seat to get to the hydraulic pump. to remove the seat you use a large screwdriver between your floor and the seat bottom at the front about a foot from each end. you will be able to tell that you cant pull the seat up as easily in two spots and you have to situate the screwdriver in those locations. Be careful not to break the seat or the bars, but sometimes you have to apply a lot of upwards force to get these two hooks to release. also you cannot put the screwdriver directly on top of the latch hook, the metal retaining bar doesnt continue through this area... place something under the side you unhook first to keep it from relatching in its slot. then do the other side. you then pull out the bottom of the seat, remove the two nuts holding the seatbelt latch bar on, and the back seat slides upward and comes right out. There is a piece of sound dampening material with a black material on it covering up the location of the motor. once you lift this up the motor is right ther in the middle of the framing underneat the drain pan assembly. i reccomdend putting your top down if possible to remove the back seat. it makes it a lot more comfortable to perform this task. I answered this anonomously on accident..... t0cableguy

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2008-06-22 23:47:10
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Q: Where is the convertible top motor located in a 1997 Chrysler sebring convertible?
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