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Where is the coolant fan relay on a '92 Grand Am?

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On the firewall. Located in the center of the firewall (in the engine compartment)is a black plastic box. Unscrew it and you will find the fan as well as other relays.

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Is there a relay for AC compressor on a 92 grand caravan?

There is an ac relay on the grand caravan. It is mounted on the inside of the driver side fender.

Where is the fan relay on a 92' Plymouth Voyager?

from what i am told the fan relay is some where on the intake manifold most likely on the driver side

How do you replace radiator fan switch fan not working 92 Lebaron V6?

First, there is a fan relay mounted under a black plastic cover on the drivers side inner fender. There is also a "coolant temp sensor" which tells the computer to turn on the fan. This is mounted on top of the engine, next to the thermostat housing. It simply unscrews to replace it. Before changing it tho' check that the fan is working. With the engine running, pull the connector off the coolant temp sensor, the fan should start working. If not then the fan motor or the fan relay are faulty.

Where is the fan relay on 92 Camaro?

drivers side firewall or behind battery

Does the ECM and the fan work off the same coolant sensor on a 92 grand am 3300?

I could be completely wrong, but I think they share the same sensor. If there's two sensors for the coolant, one usually goes to a gauge and the other is used by the computer, which in turn controls the fan activation and speed.

Fan on your 92 sl1 Saturn is not working where is the relay for the fan located?

i'm having the same problem, the relay is under the hood, drivers side in fuse box.

Radiator fan not coming on in a 92 Grand Am where is the fan relay Having ac problems only cools when accelerating also some overheating problems when idling?

I had a 1994 Grand Am SE and it had the same problem. The fan is probaly not working. When you are going down the road, air enters the front of the car and helps cool the radiator and engine down. When it is sitting the fan should come on. It could be a relay, but it probaly the fan. We had the fan replaced and that fixed it. i had that problem too. if you have the know how you can hook up your existing fan straight to the battery to see if it is indeed a relay or the actuall fan. if your fan still works then try the relay. you can also hook up your fan to a toggle switch inside the vehicle, or run it to a switched hot terminal in your fusebox and it will run as long as the car is on. I also had the same problem I just took the fan out cleaned it and oil and greesed up the motor and insie and now it works fine. I had that problem too, I changed the engine coolant, and somehow that fixed the problem.

What else is wrong 92 beretta gt changed head gasket kit new fan new fan relay new temp sensor new rad bottle cap fan not coming on and antifreeze is blowing out of the bottle?

someone obviously did your head gasket wrong. if it's a 3.1, did they bleed air from system using the valve on coolant rail. this can cause air trapped in the system to boil the coolant.

92 Mercury Grand Marquis fuel pump relay location?

do you have to remove fuel tank to replace fuel pump

Why wont my 92 cavalier cooling fan come on?

check see if its gitting power if it is then the motor is bad if no power check relay

WHERE ON A 92 dodge shadow where is the cooling fan relay located after the fusible link with a 3.0 LITER.?

i dont think it has a relay [edit] According to the Hanes manual for Shadows, the cooling fan relay is located just above the battery. If you look at the battery, look due north, but just below the strut housing for your wheel. You should see 3 relays. The one in the corner should be the cooling fan relay. (on my '93 shadow, that relay is the starter relay.

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a lumina coupe 92 31 V6?

the relay is under hood next to a/c relays and fan relays on front left in covered fuse box

Where is the cooling fan relay on a 92 buick regal?

it should be under hood, behind passenger side head light in fuse box

Where is the coolant fan sensor on a 92 Camaro RS 305 v8 located?

On my 91 RS 305, the coolant fan sensor is located next to the thermostat cover on the top-front of the intake manifold. If your fan is not coming on, it my be a bad coolant fan switch. The coolant fan switch is screwed into the block above the starter. It provides a conditional ground to the fan once the temperature reaches 225F. I replaced my coolant fan switch 3 times and my fan still wouldn't come on so I finally gave up and permenantly grounded the wire for the fan switch. So for the last 3 years, my fan runs continuously while the ignition switch is on. I also replaced the fan motor with one with a life-time gaurantee for $25.AnswerWrong, the coolant FAN sensor is on the right side of the engine (if you are standing in front of the car facing it) under the exhaust manifold, the coolant sensor next to the thermostat only controls the temperature gauge in the car. =) That might explain why you replaced it 3 times and it never worked =)

Where is the fuse for the cooling fan on a 92 dodge spirit?

If the cooling fan has a fuse it would be located in the fuse box under the steering wheel, pop off the panel to access the fuse box, on the panel is a sticker with what fuse is what and how many amps they need... i believe that they only have a cooling fan relay, but they might have a fuse... ill have to check my 92 Spirit to see...

Where is the fan control relay on a 92 camaro?

i need to know where the fan relay is and what it looks like The fan relay is located on the driver side on the firewall. It should be shapes like a oval cylinder. You should get one first. When you look at the new one it should has a diagram on the top of it. Match that diagram to the one the firewall. I believe there is three different relays shape the same side by side. Just match up the diagram.

On a 1994 Saturn SC2 why would the cooling fan not come on unless you hook it up direct if you just changed the coolant temperature sensor?

Have you checked the cooling fan relay? ? This is the child's wooden block size relay installed in the fuse/relay box in under the hood. If it is bad the fan will not come on even if all the other sensors and components of the system are functioning. Also, This cooling fan relay draws a lot of amperage which causes it to heat up. On my '92 SC2, I have learned that the contacts of the relay have become so hot from the high current they carry that the fuse box sockets overheat and deform. It became necessary for me to open up the upper and lower halves of the fuse box and install new conductors to restore good contact with the relay pins. If you find that your cooling fan relay pins are discolored and the plastic housing is slightly deformed around the pins, you are likely haveing a similar problem. For a while I was able to just slightly twist the pins of a new relay using a pair pliers so that they would make tighter contact in the deformed sockets of the relay box. Hope this helps, JB

Does your 92 camaro rs have a fan switch?

yes, but that's because the previous owner took out the stock clutch fan and put in a electric fan, it has a toggle switch to turn it off and on Yes, 89-92 305 TBI should all have fan switches, the fan switch is located between cylinders 8 and 6 on the passanger side head. There is also a temp sender located directly atop the manifold on the front of the engine and a fan switch relay on the pasanger side next the the firewall. If your fan runs with your heater or A/C on the problem is 9/10 your Fan switch between cylinders 8 and 6. If it does not work with the heater or A/C running id start with your fuse or your relay.

How do you fix the relay for the fan on a 94 sunbird?

replace only,make sure that is the real problem,the fans only run when the temp goes above 92 degrees celsius

How do you check the 4x4 relay switch on 92 explorer?

You can check the 4x4 relay switch by gaining access to the fuse box. The fuse box on a 92 Explorer under the hood and then use the owners manual to locate the relay switch.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 92 Jeep Wrangler?

Where is the fuel pump RELAY on a 1992 Jeep Wrangler

What would cause the AC radiator fan in a '92 Toyota Corolla to come on and off very rapidly and haphazardly?

I had a 89 Chevy Corsica that was doing the same thing. I replaced the ECM (Electronic Control Module) and it solved my problem. Your ECM controls your cooling fan by supplying a ground to the cooling fan relay. Something in your ECM has gone bad and it must be replaced. Good luck! You may have a bad connection in the wiring between the fuse and the fan 2 relay or a poor or coroded connection between the fan 2 relay and the condensor fan motor. Check the grounds also and clean them up also.

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