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It is on the cylinder head near the thermostat housing.

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The 1993 Toyota coolant temperature sensor can be found on the front of the engine. The coolant temperature sensor will be a few inches above the thermostat housing.

The coolant temperature sensor on a 1993 Mercury Topaz is located at the rear of the engine. To get to it, you have to remove the driver side fan.

The engine coolant temperature sensor and coolant temperature gauge sender are located on the passenger's side of the engine, under the intake manifold.

It is the coolant temp sensor near the upper radiator hose.

on the front of the intake on left side when standing in front of truck.

It rite by the thermostat it has a black wire to it rite below the distributor

What size engine? on my 1993 2.5 it is direcly behind the coil on the front of the engine.

where is the temperature sensor 1993 BMW 318i

If you are referring to the coolant temperature sensor which sends signal to your dash guage and controls when the radiator fans come on refer to the following website if you have a 4 cyl vehicle.

The coolant temperature switch and the cooling fan relay (same thing) is usually located in the water outlet housing. It will be the bigger sensor, the smaller is the temperature gauge sensor.

it's in the black pipe that goes in front of the alternator. the temp sensor is on the passenger side and the temp switch is on the driver side!

The low coolant level sensor is located in the top of the coolant reservoir o n the drivers side behind the battery

Replace your Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor. Your car has two, replace the one with the two wire connector

It is located near the front of the motor, near the thermostat, screwed into the block.

Some vehicles have two these days. One is for the ecm and the other is for the gauge. Coolant sensor is for the ecm, I think.

On the coolant overflow bottle that in on the passenger side of the engine.

The 1993 Chevrolet K 1500 pickup truck 02 sensor is on the back of the air cleaner housing. The O2 sensor should be labeled as such.

The coolant temperature sending units are near the thermostat housing. The small one is for your temperature guage, the larger one is for the EEC system.

Your 1993 Honda Accord can use any SAE certified coolant. The coolant should have a temperature range of -25 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 1993 Chevy S 10 Blazer 4.3 liter engine temperature sensor can be grounded to the engine block. You can use the temperature sensor retaining bolts to ground the temperature sensor.

look on the goosenneck under where the air cleaner is. It's attached to the lower part actually on the manifold.

I have 1993 Volvo 960 and the coolant senor is located on the back of the block ( next to fire wall) The access is very difficult because the are two water hoses and some electrical wires right next to it.

Two wire sensor under the ignition coil, next to the thermostat housing.

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