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Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a BMW 325?

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under the manifold on your engine block.

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How many coolant temperature sensor does a 2001 BMW 325i have?

A 2001 BMW 325i has two coolant temperature sensors. They constantly monitor the temperature and adjust flow as needed.

Where are the most common places for coolant to leak on a BMW 325?

Around the O Ring on the coolant temp sensor. Must replace entire sensor around 20.00.

Where is the temperature sensor BMW 325i?

The temperature sensor on a BMW 325i is located on top of the engine, near the upper radiator hose. It constantly monitors the temperature of the coolant and triggers the cooling fan as needed.

Where is the crankshaft position sensor on a 2001 BMW 325 i?

The 2001 BMW 325 crankshaft position sensor can be found on the back of the engine. The position sensor will be near the bottom of the rear engine cover.

Where is the temperature sensor 318i?

where is the temperature sensor 1993 BMW 318i

What is the meaning of code p2185 in BMW 325i model 2003?

P2185 is ECT sensor high voltage detected. ECT stands for Engine coolant Temperature Sensor.

How do you replace ambient air temperature sensor for 2001 BMW 330i?

were is the location of the ambient air temperature sensor for a 2001 bmw 330 i

Where is the locasoins of coolant sensor for BMW 530i?

its located on the side of radiator

Where do you locate the temperature sensor on a BMW 318i?

my temperature gauge on my car bmw 318i give me error reading its reach red zone while the engine is cool and i already change the temperature sensor why?

Where is the coolant temp sensor located on a 1993 BMW 325I?

in the intake air box

Where to locate where to put the coolant in the BMW x5?

The coolant for a BMW x5 is placed into the coolant overflow tank on the left side of the engine compartment. It should be filled to the full mark when the engine is at operating temperature.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a 1998 BMW 528i?

under cylinder #1 intake runner in the cylinder head apparantly is a PITA to get to might have to take the intake manifold off

Where is the outside temperature sensor located in 2001 BMW 325 Ci?

It's under front bumper between left shield and road. Drivers side. In locker you can see a special place for it.

Where is the location of flasher of 1986 BMW 325?

Where is the location of the flasher relay for a 1986 325 BMW ?

Why does the temperature in your 2003 BMW 330i read 122 degrees?

Outside temperature sensor either unplugged or broken. Do an internet search for the sensor using the specifics of your vehicle (ie 2003 BMW 330i outside temperature sensor). You will find replacement parts and diagrams of how to fix this yourself.

What is the oil capacity on a 1986 BMW 325?

The oil capacity for a 1986 BMW 325 is 4.3 quarts.

What type coolant do you use in a BMW?

Use only BMW recommended coolant.

Where is the water coolant located on a BMW 525d?

The water coolant on a BMW 525d is located in the radiator hoses, radiator and engine block. It is circulated via a pump which helps cool and maintain engine temperature.

Where is the fill plug for a 1993 BMW 325?

where is the drain or fill plug for a 2001 bmw 325 ci transmission

What causes the radiator signal in BMW 320i E46 to remain constantly on?

There's a sensor in the bottom of the coolant expansion tank.

Where is the iat sensor on a 1992 BMW 325?

that one is the air tem sensor ,some call it mass air flow,should be located at the air duct or air cleaning housing

How fast is a 325 you BMW?


Where is the coolant temp sensor on a e46 318i 1999 bmw?

Standing in front of the car looking at the engine the coolant temp sensor is located on the right hand side of the cylinder head at the back towards the firewall under the inlet manifold.

Where is the air intake temperature sensor located in a BMW M3?

E30 ? E36 ? E46 ? E92 ?

What type coolant do you use in a 2003 BMW 330I?

Only use BMW coolant and distilled water.