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It should be on the thermostat housing. Usually top of screw has a slit in it. Or rarely may have a nut shaped head. When loosening do not take bolt out all of the way.

NOTE:A 1985 BMW 318i has an in-line thermostat. It has 3 hose fittings and connects to the lower radiator hose, the water pump, and the top of the engine. There is no screw or other adjustment on the thermostat housing. Some auto parts stores have a standard thermostat listed instead, so maybe there is a different engine configuration, but the in-line thermostat seems most common.
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Q: Where is the cooling system bleeder on a 1985 BMW 318i?
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How do you bleed BMW 318i cooling system?

The cooling system of a BMW 318i is bled by opening the radiator cap and squeezing the upper radiator hose. This purges air from the system which can then be replaced with more coolant.

Is there a timing chain or a timing belt on the 1985 BMW 318i?

1985 318i (1983-1993 ) Engine code 18 4E1 is listed as being belt driven best wishes

How much does a 318i 1985 BMW cost?

It starts at about 25,000 bucks

What should the timing be set at on an 1985 BMW 318i?

Its on the inside fender well 15 before tdc.

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What year is it and does it have an auto or 5 speed? Mine is a 1985 with 5 speed and I get 25 mpg.

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Is the BMW 318i a diesel?

No. The 318i is a normal Benzine Motor. The 318d is diesel.

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Will a 1994 motor for BMW 318i fit a 1996 BMW 318i?

no because the place of the motor changes. only a 1994 engine fits on a1995 bmw 318i

BMW 318i se e46 my temp gauge rises to the max for no reason for a period of time then goes bac to normal thermo sensor already replaced red light doesnt come on and car gets sluggish?

most probably cause would be your cooling systme is not bled properly and air is in your system or your cooling fans and or thermostat are not working properly.

1992 BMW 318i voltage regulator replacement?

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A BMW 318i is a 1.8 liter car.

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How do you change cabin filter in 1995 BMW 318I?

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Where's fuse box on 1985 BMW 318i?

In the engine Compartment the rear corner on the drivers side. Its a small box with clear top its really hard to miss.

What horse power is a 318i BMW?

It depends on what year model you're talking about, but from 2007 to current the 318i has had 141 bhp.

How do you bleed a BMW 318i?

If it has an ABS system DON'T MESS WITH IT! Otherwise, you can bleed them in the conventional manner, or with a One-Way Valve kit.

How much horsepower does a 1984 BMW 318i have?

The 1984 BMW 318i has approximately 101HP as the lowest value. This number is from the Wiki page for BMW 3 series located at and the exact statement is for each market is as follows: 1984-1985 318i - 1.8 L M10B18 I4, 101 hp (75 kW) - North America 1982-1987 318i - 1.8 L M10B18 I4, 105 hp (77 kW) - Europe Good luck and take care. Noisome

Who to Change engine check light bulbs on a 1996 BMW 318i?

Who to Change engine check light bulbs on a 1996 BMW 318i?

Does a 1996 BMW 318i 4-cylinder have a timing belt?

No , the 1.9 liter four cylinder engine in a 1996 BMW 318i has a timing CHAIN

How do you bypass the battery light in dash to complete charging system on a 1984 BMW 318i?

Why in the world would you want to do that? The light is there to warn you there is a problem with the charging system. If it is on, there is a reason. But if you insist, just pull the bulb out.

Where to put in the power steering fluid in BMW 318i?

The BMW 318i has a tank inside the engine that houses the power steering fluid. This tank is near the oil cap.

Diagram 1993 BMW 318i dashboard?


Where is BMW 318i fuse box?

Under the hood