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That year did not have a crank sensor.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-14 22:35:19
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Q: Where is the crank sensor located on 1989 camaro rs?
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Where is the crank sensor on a 1989 Pontiac sunbird 2.0?

Crank sensors are always located on the camshafts. The 1989 Pontiac Sunbird crank sensor is located on the head of the engine towards to end of the camshaft.

Where is the crank shaft sensor for a 1989 Chevy van 4.3 liter?

Chevy did not use a crank sensor on that year.

Where is the crank sensor on a 1989 Chevy Beretta and how do you fix it?

the crank sensor is located on the back of the engine aprox. 1 inch above the oil pan. there is one bolt holding it in place, after removing the bolt pull the sensor out installation is reverse

Crank sensor location on a 1989 Oldsmobile delta 98?

The crank sensor is located behind the Harmonic balancer. Try not to break the rubber within the Harmonic balancer when removing or on the safe side replace both the Crank sensor and the Harmonic balancer ( the big pulley on the bottom - most part of the engine.)

Where is crank sensor on 1989 Chevy van 4.3 liter?

It does not have 1.

Why does my 1989 camaro have a code 34?

mass air flow sensor or manifold pressure sensor. your car will have either or.

Where is the crank shaft sensor on a 1989 2.5 Plymouth sundance?

This car only uses the sensor in the distributor.

Where is the crank sensor located on your 1989 2.8liter Chevy Corsica?

behind the engine,in front of the transmission, about half way up the side of the block, its very hard to see its near the knock sensor.

Dodge 3500 diesel crankshaft positioning sensor A where is it located?

Depends on year. 1989 to 1998.5 it is on the front above the crank pulley. 1998.5 to 2002 it is behind the starter. 2003-present it is below the crank pulley.

Where is the crank sensor located on a 1989 caprice classic?

depending on what engine you have, 4.3 v-6 or 305 v-8 or if your lucky the 350......chevy never ran a crank sensor on an engine that old. If it wont start, check spark, if you have spark, check fuel.

Does a 1989 camaro v6 2.8 have a oil pressure sensor?

yes it does- it is to the right of the oil filter.

How can you get the crank sensor out of the block when it is broke on a 31 grand prix 1989?

pull it apart

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