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Where is the date on a 32 caliber?

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It probably isn't stamped anywhere on the gun. If you know the manufacturer and model, there may be a serial number. If there is a serial, there may be records which will give an approximate date of manufacture.

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What caliber bullet does a Winchester Model 94 32 WS take?

32 caliber... "32 W.S." is the designation for the 32 caliber Winchester Special cartridge.

What caliber is 7.65?

.32 caliber. In a semi auto handgun, probably .32 ACP

What is the difference between 32 caliber and 9mm caliber?

9mm is roughly .35 caliber, .32 caliber is slightly smaller, 3 hundredths of an inch smaller, in diameter.

What is date of manufacture of colt lightning rifle with serial number 13180?

1890 for light frame .22rf caliber and 1886 for mediam frame .32, .38 & .44 caliber

What is the caliber of colt da 32 pat d aug 5 1884?

Virtually impossible to answer with just a patent date.

Difference between 32 and 38 colt police positive?

32 caliber is a little smaller then the 38 caliber

Types of 32 caliber hand guns?

32 short, 32 long, 32 ACP

Is there a difference 32 cal special ammo and regular 32 cal ammo for 32 detective special handgun revolver?

No such caliber as .32 Special. Use the caliber of ammo marked on the gun.

Is a 32 caliber pistol larger than a 380 caliber pistol?

There are several DIFFERENT .32 caliber cartridges. The .32 bullet is smaller in diameter than a .380. SOME .32 cartridges are longer, and have more power, such as the .327 magnum. And some .32 pistols are smaller than some .380 pistols, and vice versa. The caliber has nothing to do with the size of the gun.

What is the difference between a .22 caliber bullet and a .32 caliber bullet?

The .22 caliber bullet is ABOUT .22 inches wide. A .32 bullet is about .32 inches wide. The bullet will also be heavier due to size.

Can a 40 bullet fit 32 gun?

If you mean a .40 caliber bullet in a .32 caliber gun- no. The bullet would be 8 thousandths of inch too large to fit in the gun. Caliber refers to the diameter of the bullet, so a .40 caliber bullet is ABOUT .40 inches across, and a .32 bullet ABOUT .32 inches across.

What is the value of a 1864 Remington rifle?

I have a octagonal barrel .32 caliber Remington Patent date May 3, 1864 - What would it be worth?

What is 6.35 caliber?

.25 ACP, as others have said. At first I was thinking that it may have been .32 caliber, but the I realized that .32 is really a 7.65mm

What does 'Caliber 32 WCF' stand for on the barrel of a Smith and Wesson?

The gun is chambered for the 32 caliber Winchester center fire cartridge. Also known as the 32-20.

Kimel Industries 32 caliber model 5000?

Based in N.C. Kimel Industries Model 5000 .32 caliber listed as .32cal SW

Do you have a picture of 5 -shot 32 caliber smith and Wesson ladies revolver?

Actually, most of the J or I framed revolvers in .32 caliber are SIX shot. The .38 caliber versions are 5 shot.

What is the value of a Savage semi-auto pistol in 380 caliber marked Patented in 1901?

Fairly scarce pistol, most were in .32 caliber. Depending on condition, $650-$850. Likely a model 1907. (Patent dates will always be earlier than date of manufacture or Model date)

Which caliber is from largest to smallest a 380 caliber a 32 caliber and a 40 caliber?

.40 S&W cartridge, bullet diameter = .401" .380 ACP cartridge, bullet diameter = .355-.356" .32 ACP cartridge, bullet diameter = .311 - .312"

Do they still make 32 police ctg?

They still make a .32 caliber cartridge.

How far does a 32 caliber gun shoot?

Depends entirely on which .32 caliber gun. A small .32 Auto might have an effective range of 25 yards, a long barreled 32-20 revolver 80 yards, and a .32 Winchester rifle 200 yards.

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