Where is the daytime running lights module located on a 1995 neon?


The Daytime Running Lights module (DRL) is located behind and below the radio in all Gen 1 Neons (at least the Canadian versions). Remove the console faceplate by just pulling it off. Remove the Radio with a 10 mm socket. You may be able to continue without unplugging the radio, but it's easier to access if you do.

The DRL is bolted on an angle to the lower rear of where the radio sits. Two 10 mm bolts also hold it in place, you will be easily able to see the left hand one.. the right will be more difficult. Both can be accessed by inserting your 10 mm socket on and extension through the bolt access holes under the radio housing. Be careful not to lose the bolts when you've released them, as fishing them out from the shifter console will be annoying at best!

The DRL is connected by one large rectangular connector... it just unclips and pulls off. You will lose your daytime running lights and High Beam indicator once removed, however all other headlight functions will remain.