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Where is the daytime running relay for the headlights on a 91 Pontiac Sunbird LE 4 door automatic?


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2008-07-09 18:58:06
2008-07-09 18:58:06

When these cars came out, they did not have the day time running light safety feature. This feature has been installed since the car came out.


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yes, they are always on. as in most gm vehicles they have daytime running lights.

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Auto headlights come on when it is dark. Daytime running lights are on whenever the engine is on. Both are optional equipment.

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What you're seeing is not your headlights. They are your Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs'). They are a great safety feature, making you much more visible to other drivers.

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When it is raining during the day you should always keep your headlights on.

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On my 98 sunfire, the tail lights and marker lights only work if you turn on the headlights. If only the daytime lights are on, the Pontiac on the trunk is illuminated but no other lights at the rear until brakes or turn signals are activated. This is common with a lot of vehicles out there. Daytime running lights are not necessarily the same candle power as the headlights. I can tell a big difference in mine.

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