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ODB-II was first used in 1994.It was not standard until 1996.1993 was equiped with ODB-I

Answerthe OBD 1 port is usually under the hood either along the firewall or along on of the inner fenders.(if it's not under the dash) AnswerThere is no OBD-II port on a 1993 Accord. They were standard equipment in 1996+, although a few 1995 models had them. Answerthere is a plug next to the kick panel under the dashboard. Below the glove compartment. By using a paper clip or wire you can jump the plug. Turn the key to on and watch your check engine light flash. Long slow ones count for 1 and really quick ones are the second number. For instance, 4 long slow ones and 3 really fast ones equal 43

on a pre 96 Honda the only way to get codes is by doing the above jumper wire method 96 and newer it could be found behind the ashtray

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Q: Where is the diagnostic port on an obd-ll '93 Accord?
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