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if the distributor is in the back of the engine it will be hard to see. so you might have to stand on the bumper and lean over the engine, it should be at the base of the distibutor where it meets the housing. if you feel with your fingers you will find it. sometimes it requires a special wrench to get at hard to reach angles and sometimes not . you'll be able to figure it out,just be carefull if you have the motor running.

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2006-09-25 22:09:11
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Q: Where is the distributor hold down bolt located on a 1987 Ford Ranger V6?
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Where is the distributor located in the 97 Ford Ranger?

Actually , it doesn't have a distributor , it is EDIS ( Electronic Distributorless Ignition System )

Where is the crankshaft position sensor located on a 1999 Ford Ranger V6 3.0L?

if it has a distributor, its in the distributor, if no distributor its at the front of the engine by the crankshaft damper

Where is the distributor cap located on a Ford Ranger 1994 2.3 L?

A 1994 Ford Ranger has no distributor cap__it uses Distributorless Ignition__the ignition coils are located on the right side of the engine in plain sight (your left when facing the engine )

Where is the crankshaft position sensor located on 1993 ford ranger 3.0L?

It is located between the distributor at the back or the engine.

Where is the fuel filter 0n a 1987 Ford Ranger?

The fuel filter on a 1987 Ford Ranger is located on the driver's side of the vehicle. It is mounted on the frame and it is about even with the rear door.

Where is fuel pump relay located on a 1987 ford ranger?

The fuel pump relay on a 1987 Ford Ranger is located under the dashboard near the steering column. It is typically mounted right near the firewall.

Which direction does the distributor rotate on a 1987 Ford Ranger 2.9L?

Firing Order: 1-4-2-5-3-6 Distributor rotates Clockwise.

What direction does the distributor turn on a 1989 Ford Ranger 2.8?

There is no 2.8 Liter in a 1989 Ford Ranger. The Ranger V6is a 2.9 Liter and the distributor rotates clockwise.

Where is the fuse panel located on a 1987 Ford Ranger?

Below steering wheel on the left.

Where is the ignition control modular located on a 1996 ford ranger?

I believe under the distributor . It should have a plug attached to it.

What is the order of putting caps back on the distributor posts 1987 ford ranger 2.0L?

The firing order is ( 1 - 3 - 4 - 2 ) The distributor rotor turns CLOCKWISE

Does a 2000 Ford Ranger have a distributor?

No , the engines in a 2000 ford Ranger are E.D.I.S. ( Electronic Distributorless Ignition System )

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