Where is the dojo on Club Penguin ds?

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nowhere that was the very old version of club penguin
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Club Penguin dojo?

At back of general map or in club penguin secret agent room on all the screens.

Is there ninjas in the dojo on Club Penguin?

R.E: It has been answered by Aunt Arctic at Oct. 9th newspaper. im going to say the same thing but its not real its a lie Well actually im someone else just improving this answer, there are ninjas in the dojo and infact on Halloween when there was lightning you should have seen them. You don't ( Full Answer )

What is the dojo for in Club Penguin?

The dojo is a strange hidden place on club penguin it has recently been hit by a storm and penguins call it the ninjas hideout and theres a sugn up wich says ninja training nov17th i think taht might mean ninja training. Well, before the storm hit the dojo.... It was just a quiet, ninja, hidden pla ( Full Answer )

What is the Club Penguin Dojo?

The clubpenguin dojo is a place where penguins can become ninjas by playing card-jitsu in there.

How do you get to the secret dojo on club penguin?

To get to the secret dojo, you have to be a black belt, challenge sensei (beat him), and you will become a ninja. Once you beat him he will give you a ninja mask and tell you where the secret dojo is.

How do you get to the Dojo on Club Penguin?

You click on your map and there's a little house thing behind a mound of snow on the back on the right side. Click on it and it will take you to the Dojo.

Where can you find the dojo house in club penguin?

Do you mean the dojo, or the ninjas' secret room?. The dojo in at the dojo courtyard that brown house.. the ninjas' room is beside it, do you see a stone thing?. it's that

How do you get cards at the dojo on Club Penguin?

You will get cards the u 1st time u play Card Jitsu and Card Jitsu Fire. If u want additional cards you must buy the pack in a store and enter the code on Club Penguin. To enter the code click Unlock items online at the website , click "I have a code.", and enter it. Then u will have brand new cards ( Full Answer )

On Club Penguin is there a dojo shop?

Yes, in the secret ninja room. Your have to be a ninja first but you can get a dojo igloo, a ninja costume etc. There isn't that many items in the ninja catologe but as time goes on I bet there will be more things (and likely thing to retire). -Lightsky19 (member of club penguin since July 2007)

How do you get new dojo cards on Club Penguin?

to get dojo cards on club penguin you must buy then first at shops like "toys 'r' us" or "woolworths" and then enter the code on the card to club penguin.

How do you get in the fire dojo on Club Penguin?

To enter the Fire Dojo, you will need 3 things: . Membership . To be a Black-Belt Ninja . To have purchased the Fire Amulet from the Ninja Catalog Click this link to watch the video of what to do next: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqzzyB_g3fs

Where s the fire dojo in club penguin?

The Volcano, or Fire Dojo as it is more commonly known, can only be accessed by ninjas that are also members. The Ninja Hideout is next to the Dojo and the Fire Door in the Ninja Hideout will take you to it. As I mentioned above, only members can access it.

Where is the fire dojo in Club Penguin?

Well first you have to be a member and a ninja. you go in the hideout and click the fire tab. another dojo will pop up go in there and there you are. simple as that

Where is the fire dojo on Club Penguin?

First, go to the Ninja Hideout right next to the dojo, then click on the red tablet with a flame on it ( close to the door of the hideout), then a door will pop up and click on it to walk into it. ( the fire dojo is a members only room).

How do you get to the water dojo on Club Penguin?

You will have to wait till it opens to the public, I think it will come out somtime in the summer of 2010. Well that is wrong it's November You can't yet it hasn't opened it will open on the 25th November =D

Where is the water dojo in Club Penguin?

The water dojo is in the dojo at the top of the map. Go to the dojo then click on the Small building with the snow fire and water picture. now once your in there click on the stone with water then a door will appear. walk into that door and your there!

How do you get to the water dojo in club penguin?

Just like the fire dojo. You go to the hideout and click the water stone and the door to the water dojo should come up just like the fire dojo door. Then go in there and you're at the water dojo. P.S. members only

Club penguin how to get water dojo?

Go to the dojo, Waddle to the left and there you are.You need to bea ninja to get in though 2013 Edit: If you've been a member for quite some time (Likemyself, since 2009), you will have an automatic entrance to theFire Dojo, Water Dojo, and Snow Dojo.

Club penguin how to get to the water dojo?

You must be a member and then you need to buy the amulet by going to the ninja hideout and going to the store. To do this, click the little book at the bottom right. Equip the amulet and click the water gravestone sign. Then just walk in the door.

When will the water dojo be on Club Penguin?

Club Penguin have not mentioned anything about a Water Dojo yet, however I'm pretty sure they will. Since they have already done the Fire Dojo, and there are still 2 spaces left on the amulet, it's almost certain. Just keep checking the Club Penguin blog for regular updates - you may find something ( Full Answer )

Where's the Dojo in Club Penguin?

If u go on the map look at the top and in and or on the mtn.s there is the dojo click it and u will be there. PS you cant walk to the dojo. Yet ;)

Where is the hidden dojo on club penguin?

um idk ask someone else or look it up ask this again i THINK this is right: in the back on the screen click the right wall in that corner wala your there

How do you enter the shadow dojo in club penguin?

Oh my friend many ways one way is you half to be friends with me and all the sense's the other way is wait years for it to come out if you wont to get to the shadow dojo now be friends with me smiley11901 and sensei of water,fire and the normal one and of course sensei in general

Is thir a ice dojo in club penguin?

That is what i was wondering but no sadly not yet but you can look up cheats to find the ice dojo OH and there's going to be a SHADOW dojo and another one but i forgot the name I'm already a fire ninja snow ninja ice ninja water ninja and a shadow ninja just because I'm a famous penguin and all that ( Full Answer )

Where is the shadow dojo on Club Penguin?

Card-jitsu shadow is a mystery that can somehow be unlocked in the dojo and I USED to know how to get there but after the card-jitsu party, I had no clue.

Where is the Club Penguin snow dojo?

Club Penguin does not yet have a Snow Dojo, or a Card-Jitsu Snow game. However, we are expecting one in the next month or so (May-August 2012), so keep a lookout! When it comes out, chances are you will need a ninja mask and a membership to access it. Hope this helps!