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The door switch is on the door near the latch. It it turns the lights of by grounding on the door, I believe. Bad connection sometimes. Soak with WD-40. Fixed my brother's '98 this way. Yes, it's *IN* the latch, on the door -- not on the body of the truck like they used to be. The wires run all the way thru the door, and thru the flexible wire harness into the truck body by the hinge. Soak the entire latch assembly on the door with WD-40, and open and shut a few times. Might be better to use electronics contact cleaner instead of WD40, since WD eventually attracts more dust --- but I live up 15 miles of dirt road, and I have to do this every year or so anyway, so the WD works fine. Funny how the truck computer goes crazy if this sensor is too dusty -- it'll drive you nuts.

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Q: Where is the door ajar sensor on the 1999 Ford Ranger and how do you replace or repair it?
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