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IN MY EXPIRIANCE AN INTERMITENT DOOR CHIME IS A WARNING TO A DEAD OR DYING BATTERY This could also be the victim of a broken/malfunctioning door switch. With the key in and the door open, push the spring-loaded switch in to make sure the chime goes off. The door chime module is located behind your fuse panel. You remove your fuse panel, let it almost hit the floor. It is a long rectangular box on the back, or mounted seperately from the fuse panel. The thing is massive, simply unplug, or remove it like i did. Just remember to shut off your headlights if you use them during the day. :P == == i had the same problem after i pulled the fuse to disable the power seatbelt track. i thought maybe it had something to do with the missing fuse until i realized that the door chime is also responsive to the front shoulder belts. if the passenger's-side belt is unbuckeled from the rig, the thing will beep incessantly, unless you extend it and tuck it into the seat.

2008-09-24 22:04:37
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