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Answergo to sixth island search for a metal door you will find a scientist in front of the door to make him leave you have to save lorelei in icefall caves and defeat the team rocket grunt near alternating cave go back to where the steel door is and you will now see that there is no scientist in front of the door, use cut to open the steel door, after walking for a while you will find the sapphire gem but a scientist will a ppear and take it, but he will give you the 2nd password to enter the rocket warehouse which is on island 5 defeat the team rocket grunts and the sapphire gem will be given back to you.
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Q: Where is the dotted hole on six island in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where is the dotted hole in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

Six island its a cave in the southern portion of the island.

Where is the dotted hole on Pokemon?

The Dotted Hole is an area exclusive to Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. It can be found in Ruin Valley on Fortune Island in the Sevii Islands.

Where did you going to find a sapphire in a Pokemon LeafGreen?

In dotted hole on six island.

The dotted hole in LeafGreen?

On six island in the south you can find a cave called dotted hole.

What kind of Pokemon are in dotted hole in Pokemon LeafGreen?

there are none

How to get the gem in island seven Pokemon LeafGreen?

The gem is on six island not seven island and its inside a cave called dotted hole.

Where does team rocket go after island 5 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Team rocket will go to the dotted hole after five island in leafgreen, but I'm not sure about firered.

Where is the ruin valley in fire red and Pokemon LeafGreen?

Island six. head south to dotted hole.

Where is the dotted hole in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in your town map

How do you get to the gem in Pokemon LeafGreen dotted hole?

use cut. ;)

What is dotted hole in pokemon leafgreen?

Dotted hole is a ruin located on Six Island (after you're beaten the League). It is called so because on the entrance is some Braille, which translates to "cut". Use the Pokemon move cut to enter.

What is the order for the dotted hole in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you need to use cut

What is the second code on Pokemon LeafGreen at team rocket warehouse?

i think its yes nah chansey and you get it in the dotted hole in island six

What do you do after you got through dotted hole on six island on Pokemon LeafGreen?

If you are going after the Sapphire, then you go to Five Island and run through the Rocket Warehouse to get the Sapphire.

Where on island four do you get the Sapphire on Pokemon FireRed?

you get the Sapphire in dotted hole (you use cut to get into dotted hole)

Where is the Dotted Hole that leads you to sapphire in LeafGreen?

it is in the place where you could migrate Pokemon

How do you get to the actual sapphire stone in the cave in Pokemon LeafGreen?

at island 6 u can find a place called the dotted hole u can find it there!

Where is blue crystal in LeafGreen?

on six island you have to use cut on the dotted hole thingy

Where is the dotted hole on Pokemon LeafGreen?

It is on six island.Go left,down and you will get to water path.

How do you open the door at dotted hole in Pokemon in six island in Pokemon leafgreen?

You just have to go up to the door and have a Pokemon to use Cut on it. Simple. Hope that helps xx

Where do you get the shapphire in Pokemon FireRed?

Dotted hole on six island.

Where to find the jewels in Pokemon LeafGreen?

if you mean the ruby and the Sapphire it is something like this: ruby: in mt ember on one islandsaphire: on the dotted hole on six island

Where is the other ruby in Pokemon LeafGreen?

the red ruby is in the mountain in 1 island where 2 team rocket people are standing the blue ruby is in dotted hole

What island is the sapphire on in leafgreen?

You'll first find it in the Dotted Hole on Six Island, but a Team Rocket member will take it to their warehouse on Five Island, where he gives you the Sapphire for defeating him (he has very weak Pokemon).

Where is the Dotted Hole in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen?

The Dotted Hole is in the center of Ruin Valley, which is at the south-westernmost part of Six Island. To enter it, you need to assist Lorelei in defeating Team Rocket in Icefall Cave on Four Island; once you have done that, have a Pokémon use Cut on the door to open it.