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Where is the drain plug?

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2011-01-24 00:09:42

1. The 87 Alfa Romeo Spider do not have a gas tank drain plug.

Do not try sucking out the gas with a garden hose, that's not a

good idea.

2. Remove the carpet from the floor of the trunk. Pull back the

carpet over the gas door filler side, pull down the carpet across

the front, do not remove these.

3. Remove all hoses connected to the gas tank including the gas

filler hose.

4. Remove the gas tank cover plate.

5. Remove the five (5) Philip head screws and washers around the

edge of the gas tank.

6. The gas tank is seated with a putty like sealant. Place a

flat board on a hydraulic floor jack and jack up slowly one end of

the tank at a time to break this seal.

7. Remove the gas tank. Remove the in-tank pump. clean and flush

both with a gumout type cleaner and gasoline. You can get the

cleaner from any auto parts store. If you will be storing your Alfa

again you may want to have a drain plug installed while you have

the tank out.

Thanks, Don W.

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