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the ecu is located on the passenger side engine compartment behind the radiator coolant bottle. looks like a black box, use a 8 mm socket and remove the big plug from the face of will come out its just the screw is what puts in and removes it out. once you get the plug removed ,place out of the way .then there will be 1 screw 1/4 socket on the right side and 2 more on the left side tight area. remove those and it will come out. the cover around the ecu will come apart with a small flat head screw driver by putting it between the tabs you see, i believe there are 4-5 . you wont hurt anything by taking it apart.. i just did it to mine... tell me why you are having to replace it or remove it ,, im having problems with my Jeep also.. mine has to do with spark problem from distributor....

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โˆ™ 2006-05-13 04:57:11
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Q: Where is the ecu on 1995 Jeep Cherokee?
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i dont know for sure that the 1995 is the same but, on my 1991, and on the 1992 cherokees the computer (ECU) is on the drivers side inner fender behind the air box

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A Jeep Cherokee is an XJ. So that would be a yes. The 1995 Grand Cherokee was a ZJ. A ZJ 4.0 will fit in a similar year XJ.A Jeep Cherokee is an XJ. So that would be a yes. The 1995 Grand Cherokee was a ZJ. A ZJ 4.0 will fit in a similar year XJ.