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Where is the egr valve on 1997 5.9 mag dodge R-1500?


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A 1997 Dodge Ram does not have EGR.

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A 1997 Dodge Dakota does not have an EGR Valve.

A 1997 Dodge Ram doesn't have a EGR valve.

A 1997 Dodge Ram did not have EGR.

A 1997 Ram does not have EGR.A 1997 Ram does not have EGR.

1997 does not have EGR. The 1995 and before manifold (with EGR) is different that a 1996 or later (with out EGR).

A 1997 Dakota did not use a 4.7L. The 3.9L, 5.2L, or 5.9L engines available in 1997 do not have EGR.

It does not have EGR.It does not have EGR.

It doesn't have an Egr valve.It doesn't have an Egr valve.

A 2001 Dodge Ram does not have EGR.A 2001 Dodge Ram does not have EGR.

The 2004 Dodge Durango EGR valve can be found on the firewall in the engine compartment. The EGR valve will be on the passenger side of the firewall.

Remove the wiring harness from your 2000 Dodge Stratus EGR valve. Remove the EGR valve retaining screws. Reverse the process to install the new EGR valve.

A 1998 Dodge Ram does not have EGR.

Dodge was able to meet the emission requirements with out an EGR valve. Nothing replaced it.

The EGR Valve is located on the intake manifold.

oh forgot one thing i used the cam gear from the junk 2005 4.7 egr heads on the 2000 4.7 heads

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