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sorry to say but the Quad 4 engine does not have an extrernal EGR valve. The egr sys is built into the head.

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Q: Where is the egr valve on a quad 4 engine in a 1999 grand am se?
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Where is the PCV valve on a quad 4 engine in a 2000 grand am?

the quad 4 engines don't use a pcv valve

Where is the fuel pressure Schrader valve for a 93 Pontaic grand am quad 4 2.3L engine?

It doesn't have one.

Is the 4-cylinder engine of a 2001 grand am a quad four?

Open the hood and look on top of the engine. If it says 16V QUAD 4, then you have a quad 4.

Can you replace a 5 speed quad 4 engine with an automatic quad 4 engine on a Pontiac Grand Am?

the first quad was invented by a greek union who fell off and made it with a quadrall force

How many valves are in the quad 4 2.4 litter?

The Quad 4 name is derived from the engine's four-valve, four-cylinder layout.

Where are the spark plugs located on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am 4-cylinder?

Under the engine top cover ( the piece that says Quad 4 or some thing like that)

1996 Grand Am quad 4 has oil in the manifold and you were told you need a new engine Mechanic said in his experience the Quad 4 is a 100000 mile engine Is this true?

not true i have a 97 with a 2.4 ltr quad cam engine and it has 190,000 miles on it.

How do you change a 1996 grand am fan belt?

Need to know if you have the Quad Four or the V6 engine in order to answer this.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am quad 4?


Are ecms for grand am and grand prix the same?

If they are the same year/engine/transmission it should be the same ECM.

What would make the service engine light stay on and the engine race in your 1995 Pontiac Grand Am The engine is a 4 cylinder quad 2.4L?

its missing 4 cylinders sir!

What is this hose that comes off the engine block and into a little black box on a 95 Pontiac Grand Am SE the engine is 4 quad?

Air Oil seperator

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