Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

Where is the emerald in pkemon emerald?

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its not an emerald its RAYQUAZA the main legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald.

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Well,actually I think that Pkemon Emerald is the best,because you can catch both Groudon and Kyogre(this is 100% true) and there is a Battle Frontier.

youl find out talk to you in person...................................

yeah..Pokemon is real...look at the mirror you will Pokemon

It's called "Pkemon Leafgreen"

you cant you have to have a pkemon who nos it

level 18 to a pidgeotto and level 36 to a pidgeot

Use a gameshark code that is the only way

only in swarm from Dawn's sister or on route 207 using the pokeradar.

i dont because i dont see lots of pkemon diamond

The powerpoints of the move Water Pulse is 20.

Once you get to Renbow island it is the first house to the left

Drop off a male and female of the same "species" at the day care center. Walk around for a while in the area. The old man will step outside the fence when an egg has been layed. He will ask you if you want it, so say yes to get it. They can lay multiple eggs.

There is no Mewtwo code. To get it copy it from a Pkemon Diamon or Pearl version

get the rainbow wing and get all 8 gym badges from jhoto and go to bell tower in ecruteak city

sorry, but no if they make lego pkemon sets someday, they might make a game! keep on dreaming!

On the route hallway change thing north of the Fight Area, there will be a fisherman. Talk to him and he will give you a super rod.

you need lots of fighting,water,and grass. but send out weakier pkemon first so you canweaken Clay's

The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.

See all the pkemon, them go talk to Prof. Rowan. He should give you the natioal pokedex. Then they should be gone

There is a house on one of the routes with a girl inside. She has a bird and says she flew away from her home. She will give you the hm if you talk to her.

Nothing you get your bike at the first region and you get to keep your bike on the first region just because you advertised for them

2 get camerupt on pkemon ranger guardian signs go to faldera island Its on 2F on the cliffside Hope this is helpful

there is no emerald cave but there are other caves in emerald.