Where is the end of Asia?

The Caucacus Mountains near the Black and Caspian Sea in Europe is the Western boundary line that separates Europe from Asia (or separates the West from the East). South of that line is SOUTHWEST Asia (Turkey, Israel, Jordon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc. areas that are mis-named the "middle east"). To the right of this is the real MIDDLE EAST, "Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, etc." To the right of this is SOUTHEAST Asia, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc. Britain mis-named the middle east during their colonial days when they considered themselves the center of world power; measuring all colonies from Great Britain. The closest Asian country to England was Turkey; Therefore it was called ASIA MINOR. Today's mis-named "middle east" was between ASIA MINOR and INDIA (Britain's other colony) therefore those nations were called the MIDDLE EAST, because they were in the middle. East means Orient, so the words can be intermingled. Southwest Asia can be called the FAR EAST or FAR ORIENT.