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Where is the engine block drain to remove when replacing antifreeze on a '91 Honda Accord?

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Gregory, to get at that drain bolt you have to get under your car. It is located slightly above the oil filter. I am planning on changing my radiator and will be doing this as well. Good luck.

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Where is the knock sensor on a 5.7 silverado?

It is screwed into the passenger LOWER side of the engine block, Just in front of the starter. It has an electric wire pluged into it.when you remove it antifreeze will leak out of the engine block. Just be fast at replacing it.

Do you have to pull the engine to change the clutch on a Honda Accord?

No, but you have to remove the wheel assembly and transmission.

Can you still drive your car after putting antifreeze in the oil?

NO ! ! - Absolutely NOT. Don't even run the engine. -Drain the oil and remove pan. Make sure all antifreeze is out of your engine before re-filling with oil.

Does the engine have to be on or off when putting in antifreeze?

The engine of what? The car? And usually, everything must be turned off before its safe to remove or install anything.

How do you add antifreeze to scion Tc?

Remove the radiator cap when the engine is cool and add the coolant into the radiator or you can add to the coolant overflow bottle. DON'T remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot!!!

What makes your car leak antifreeze the instant you remove radiator cap?

Engine hot - normal Engine cool excessive pressure bad thermostat

Do you remove the water pump when replacing the timing belt on a 95 Honda accord EX?

no you dont have to remove that,only the crankshaft pully, the upper and lower timing chain covers,and the two belts.hope that was helpful as i had to figure it out on my own when replacing the rear main seal.

Your 20000 Honda Accord se check engine light stays on?

A 2000 Honda Accord check engine light will stay on if the ECU is not reset. To reset the light remove the ECU fuse from the engine bay fuse box. Reinsert it after 5 seconds.

How do you remove the radiator plug on a 2001 Chevy Impala 3400V6 engine?

I am trying to drain old antifreeze and replace with new and cannot figure out how to remove the radiator plug on my 2001 Chevy impala 3400V6 engine?

How do you reset the check engine light on a 1993 Honda Accord?

Remove backup fuse from underhood fuse box

How do you remove the restricter plate on a 1995 Honda accord lx?

There is no restrictor plate on this engine. Speed is controlled by the ECU.

How do you replace the throttle cable to the gas pedal on a 1998 Honda Accord V6 3.0 Vtec engine?

The 1998 Honda Accord 3.0 liter engine does not have throttle cable. The automobile has throttle linkage. The linkage is connected at each end with a connecting bolt. Remove the connecting bolt to remove the linkage.

Is an antifreeze leak dangerous?

No. It can result in damage to the engine if you loose all of your coolant. I have damaged an Alternator by coolant spraying on it. There is some risk if you try to work on the radiator or remove the cap when the engine is HOT. The fluid can spray on you can cause burns. Antifreeze is not harmful to you if you spill it on you. ( cats and dogs are attracted to antifreeze and could possibly kill them if they drink it )

How do you remove the engine in a 1998 Honda Accord LX?

buy a Chilton Manuel or Haynes manual the have very detailed instructions on how to do it

Where is the knock sensor located on a 5.7 liter engine?

It is screewed into the right side / Passenger side of the engine block. just in front of the starter. It will have an electric wire pluged into it.When you remove it, antifreeze will come out of the engine.

How do you drain engine block on 2007 Honda accord?

Remove the oil pan drain plug to drain the oil. Remove the lower radiator hose to drain the coolant.

How do you turn off the check engine light on a 2003 Honda Accord?

You will need to access a diagnostic computer to turn off the check engine light on the 2003 Honda Accord. You could also remove the fuse from the dash lights or instrument panel.

Where do you check the antifreeze in a 1990 Honda Accord Where do you put more?

I'm not sure about a Honda Accord, but all cars are pretty much the same. You can remove the radiator cap and add antifreeze, or you can look for the antifreeze "overflow reservoir". A piece of tubing from near the radiator cap should run to a plastic jug about the size of a gallon or two. It usually sits off to one side or the other under the hood. The side of the overflow reservoir may have a fill mark on it. The top should have a lid that is easily removed. That's probably the recommended place to add antifreeze.

Knock sensor on a 1994 305?

It is screewed into the engine block over by the starter, When you remove it antifreeze will run all over the place so be fast about it and make sure engine is cold.

Where is the egr valve on a Honda Accord 2000 ex v6 and can it be cleaned out without replacing it?

Right ontop of the starer. you can remove and clean but you probably are going to have to remove intake manifold and clean all the carbon. check engine on my 2000 Honda accord v6 came on. codes read not enough air flow, change egr valve. removed and it really wasnt dirty. Honda tech adviced to clean intake manifold. problem fixed.

How do you remove a blower motor on a 2001 Honda Accord?

how do i remove the fan/blower motor on a 2001 Honda Accord LX?

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