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Where is the engine oil drain HD 1998 sportster 883?

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2011-09-13 10:41:54

Lay down on the left side of the bike, look underneath where the

frame and swingarm meet, on the right side you'll see a hose

clamped perpendicular to a plate. That is it.

If the bike has been sitting and the oil level seems low you may

need to drain the sump. It is an Allen screw (6mm I think, I just

pulled one during a rebuild the other day and no SAE size fit) on

the bottom of the case. It will be flush and might not be readily

visible if the area is dirty. Avoid using this drain.

If the oil was dramatically lower than when you parked the bike

and there is no visible spot where it leaked, run the bit a touch

and see if it rises. Sometimes the oil drain siphons back into the

engine during storage.

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