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Lay down on the left side of the bike, look underneath where the frame and swingarm meet, on the right side you'll see a hose clamped perpendicular to a plate. That is it.

If the bike has been sitting and the oil level seems low you may need to drain the sump. It is an Allen screw (6mm I think, I just pulled one during a rebuild the other day and no SAE size fit) on the bottom of the case. It will be flush and might not be readily visible if the area is dirty. Avoid using this drain.

If the oil was dramatically lower than when you parked the bike and there is no visible spot where it leaked, run the bit a touch and see if it rises. Sometimes the oil drain siphons back into the engine during storage.

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Q: Where is the engine oil drain HD 1998 sportster 883?
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What is the smallest size engine for Harley Davidson?

for brand new, a 883 sportster (883 cc)

Where is the oil drain tube on a 1991 883 sportster?

The drain hose is connected to a nipple underneath the battery tray.

How do I drain gas from a 1998 sportster 883?

First turn off the gas at the petcock. Remove the hose from the petcock and attach your own that is long enough to reach your container.

Where is the oil drain plug on a 1986 883 sportster 1000?

There is a rubber line that attaches to the bottom of the oil bag. Pull that line and the oil will drain

How much oil does a 883 sportster take?

The 883 Sportster takes just under 3 quarts of oil

How much oil goes into a 01 883 sportster primary?

1 quart. Make sure you drain that old oil first!

Where is the oil drain plug on the 1986 883 sportster?

It will depend upon whether you mean the engine oil drain or the Primary/Transmission oil drain. The oil drain for the engine oil is actually NOT a plug. Underneath the engine is a hose that is clamped to a boss on the frame. Loosening the worm clamp and pulling the hose off the boss will cause the oil to dump (you did put the drain pan under there, didn't you?)

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Depends on if it's in good condition and how much you like it.

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cant find the fuses on a 1992 883 sportster

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what type of oil for a 1993 Harley Sportster 883

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