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Where is the exact position to mount the courtesy lights on a 1959 corvette?

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Will Corvette z06 engine fit in c5 Corvette?

yes..its the exact same thing but different internals and such

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1980 Camaro tail lights and dashboard lights do not work brake lights and turn signal lights do Any solution to fixing problem?

Most often the tail lights and dash lights share a single feed and fuse. Assuming you have checked the fuses (probably marked as tail or courtesy) then I would next check the head light switch. If you have good fuse and the head light gives a voltage out while in the 'parking light' position (usually between off and headlights) then you need to start chasing wiring. If you need more, post another question, and I'll see if I can walk you further down the path. I had this exact same problem and found out that the headlight switch was just making enough contact with the plug for the headlights to work. We plugged that in and the tail lights and dashboard lights started working also.

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The flasher unit is placed in back of the fuse panel. Look towards the left side for its exact position.

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