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Where is the exterior paint code for 1993 Buick Century?

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There is a sticker on the inside of the trunk lid that has that information.

2005-10-17 16:37:34
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Replace ignition switch for 1993 Buick century?

Replace ignition switch for 1993 buick century?

Where is the horn on a 1993 Buick Century?

Center of the steering wheel.

Where is the water pump located on a 1993 Buick Century?


What is the spark plug gap for a 1993 Buick Century?

The spark plug gap for a 1993 Buick Century is: .045 for the 4 cyl 2.2 engine .060 for the V6 3.3 engine

Does a 1993 buick century have a timing belt or timing chain?

timing chain

What are the easiest engines to swap into a 1993 Buick Century?

2.2 ltr four cylinder

Where is the fuse for the gas pump in a 1993 Buick century?

It hasn't got a dedicated fuse.

Where is the fuel pump located in a 1993 Buick Century?

Underneath the car, inside the fuel tank.

Where is the oil filter on a 1993 Buick Century?

Between passenger front wheel and water pump

How do you replace distributor cap for 1993 buick century?

it is distributorless no cap to replace has coil packs

Where is E C M on 1993 buick century 3300 v6?

behind the glove box

1993 buick century Heater Fan Location And Replacing with a new one?

Passenger side firewall

How fast is a 1993 Buick century?

the Century first joined the Buick lineup in the late 1930s to emphasize the car's advertised top speed of 100 mph. Without modification that has remained the top speed of the stock vehicle.

What is a diagnostic code 26 for a 1993 buick century?

Quad-Drive module or QUAD-DRIVE No.1 error

Why are exhaust manifolds turning red on 1993 Buick century 3.3?

the catilatic converters could be stopped up.

What type of freon in cooling system on a Buick Century?

1993 and before it is R-12, 1994 and later its R-134a

How do you remove the brake rotors on a 1993 Buick Century?

Remove the tire, brake caliber and the rotor should side off the hub.

Where is the starter located on a 1993 buick century v6 3300?

The starter and solenoid are mounted together on the bottom front side of the engine

Where is the EGR valve located on a 1993 buick century 3.3L V6?

should be right underneath the throttle body to the right of the intake.

When was Buick Men created?

Buick Men was created in 1993.

What might be my problem with a 1993 Buick Century that does not blow hot air when the fan is on high but seems to be warm when the fan is on low?

Are you low on antifreeze ?

Where is the starter on a 1993 Buick Century Custom?

On the 3.1 engine...front of the car, behind the rad, bottom of the car to the right of the oil filter

What should fuel pressure be for a 1993 Buick Century?

at idle 13-20 psi. Key on engine off = 23-31 psi

How do you open the trunk of 1993 buick century when keys are in trunk no trunk release without breaking the lock?

remove rear seat and insulation

1993 Buick regal?

which fuze controls the air in a buick regal