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Where is the factory amp located in a 1990 300zx with the Bose sound system?

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Q: Where is the factory amp located in a 1990 300zx with the Bose sound system?
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04 Pontiac Montana where is factory amp located?

The Pontiac Montana does not come with a factory installed amp in the sound system. The wiring goes directly from the radio to the speakers.

Does a 2000 Chevrolet Malibu come with a factory amplifier for the sound system?

This does come with a factory amplifier for the sound system. Sometimes it comes disconnected and needs to be reattached.

This is included and comes with everything you need to install it. Its a great addition to a factory sound system.?

This is included and comes with everything you need to install it. Its a great addition to a factory sound system.

What speakers are in the 2003 wrx with premium sound system?

The 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX sound system comes with six speakers and an optional factory subwoofer. The manufacturer for the sound system is Panasonic.

Are aftermarket audio systems always better in terms of power and clarity and sound versus factory audio systems?

the more you spend the better they are however i have an expensive sound system in one vehicle and the factory system in another and i prefer the sound of the factory system it is balanced for the vehicle the other one is better in terms of preferences because i can play mp3 CD or satellite radio

Where is the factory amp located on a 1996 Chevy Tahoe?

Not sure on the 1996, but probably behind the glove compartment, or under the center console. Depends on which sound system came installed.

Is the monsoon sound system in a Hyundai sante fe a premium upgrade?

it is a premium factory upgrade. pretty much the best that the "factory" can do.

Do you know where the amp is located on a 1996 Ford Probe gt?

The amp should be inside the rear quarter interior panel on the passanger's side. That's if you have the Premium sound factory system installed on the car.

Where is the amp located in a Chrysler lhs 1999?

The sound system amp is located in the trunk on the passenger side rear.

Does a 1994 Vw jetta have a factory amplifier if so where is it loacted?

most likely no, unless it was a premium sound system or somthing.

Where is the stock stereo amp located in a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder?

AnswerIt's located under the factory stereo in Premium sound models. Here's a link to show you where and how to remove it!Good Luck!-Shaun-

How do you install an after market amp in a envoy?

Im wondering if there is factory preamp outputs on an 08 GMC Envoy Denali with bose sound system.

Factory radio for a 1987 mercury grand marquis?

The factory radio on a 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis is made to play local radio states and cassette tapes. It is connected to a high fidelity sound system.

Why does your battery light not work and your alternator not charging on a Nissan 300zx?

sound like you have a bad alternator. it will kill the battery.

How do I turn on my sound system?

How do I turn on my sound system

Which sound is part of the English sound system but not a part of the Spanish sound system?


Why i haveNo sound after hooking aftermarket radio in 99 intrigue?

if you have the Bose system you might need to hook up the aftermarket amp wire to the factory amp

Your 1996 Grand Voyager has an Infinity sound system in it which after market stereos will work in place of the factory radio?

Any but you will need an "auto leads" converter lead.

Does the Lincoln mark 8 sound system have an amp?

Yes, it's located in the trunk under the package shelf.

What system is the tympanic membrane in?

The tympanic membrane is located in the ossicular system that is found in the ear. This membrane helps to move sound from the outer ear to the inner ear.

Where is Puget Sound located?

Puget Sound is located in Olympia, Washington, United States.

Where is The University of Puget Sound located?

The University of Puget Sound is located in the state of Washington.

Why do the speakers on my 2000 grand caravan cw Chrysler infinity sound system cut out when too much power goes from your sony stereo?

You are overloading the factory speakers.

Where is the door lock timer on a '96 300zx?

Easiest way would be to lock.unlock the doors using either the switch or remote and listen for a clicking sound. In most vehicles, it's located behind one of the kick panels, usually on the driver's side

1992 Chrysler Town and Country with the Inifinity Sound System The amplifier going to the rear speakers is bad Where is it located and can it be replaced?

AnswerThe amplifier on Infinity Speakers were integril to each speaker. Relpace the speaker with OEM (new or used) and enjoy the best factory sound around.There is the possibility that the sound processor is failing. It is located under the dash on the drivers side on my '93 T&C. May be different on a '92 but should be the same. I have the same problem with the front door speakers on mine. I have replaced both door speakers and still have the same problem. I can only believe it is the sound processor. Hope this helps.