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I have a 1996 Jetta. If you have the older body style then it is directly beneath the round coolant expansion tank, attached to the strut tower. It is a black rectangular box with fuses under a clear plastic cover. You'll need to unscrew the coolant expansion tank to get at the fan control module. It is susceptible to being doused with coolant which might cause the fan control module to short.

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2005-07-16 00:11:57
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Q: Where is the fan control unit on a 1997 VW Jetta?
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Where is the solenoid that controls the air conditioner on 1997 vw jetta?

There is a magnetic (solenoid) clutch inside the air con. conpressor, there is also a fan control switching unit that turns on the cooling fans and the air con. clutch according to a bunch of other sensors that it (fan control switching unit) is conected to. Attached under the battery box. This is how it is on a Bora with Climatronic air con, may be the same on a jetta, but simplified on a non Climatronic system.

Where is the fan fuse located in a 1997 jetta?

The fan fuses are located besides cooling reservoir

Where is the radiator fan relay on a Volkswagen jetta?

The Volkswagen Jetta uses an ECM instead of a stand alone fan relay. The ECM has to be changes as a single unit.

1998 vw jetta wolfsburg cooling fans run only when car is on replaced fan control unit what else can it be?

2002 vw jetta-temperature light goes to red in 30 seconds. any opinion will be appreciated.

Where is cooling fan control circuit on a 2006 jetta?

The fan control module is inside the main (larger/left) fan motor. It requires replacement of the entire fan. Your secondary fan may still work. Bench test it to confirm.

Where is the fan relay for 2002 jetta?

it does not have a relay for the fans. they are controlled by the fan control module located underneath the driver side frame rail.

Where is the fan relay for a 1997 vw vr6 jetta?

Under the coolant bin, on the right top side of the hood.

98 jetta cooling fans won't shut off?

Idk. I replaced the thermal sensor on mine I also have a 98 jetta didn't work. So it's either the fan switch or the control module fan relay.

Where is the fan switch on a 1990 Pontiac Sunbird and how is it controlled?

no switch,fan control is determined by the engine control unit with input from the coolant sensor

Why are your fan blowers on all the time on 1996 jetta?

If you mean the radiator fan make sure the airconditioning is off. If the fan keeps running it could be a bad fanswitch (located on radiator tank. Or a failed control relay (if fitted) If still no luck check for a failed AC fan control relay.

Could the fan control module cause a 1999 Jetta to overheat and the fans stop turning?

yes , this is controling the fans and ac fans

AC in my 2002 VW Jetta stopped working. Hot air blows from the vents in interior of car. The AC is fully charged and compressor works please help?

Check your Fan Control Module!!! Check your Fan Control Module!!!

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