Where is the first elected communist government?

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The first elected communist government of the world was sworn in 1945 in the Republic of San Marino. Till 1957 they won elections repeatedly and again from 2006 to 2008. San Marino is surrounded by Italy and the micro-nation's area is only 61 sq.km. Population 30,000.

World's second elected communist government was in the southern Indian state of Kerala in 1957 - good 12 years after San Marino did it.

-Rajaram Menon, Mumbai
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How does a communist government operate?

It is generally a one-party system, although sometimes there are multiple parties, but with one dominant party which the other parties almost invariably support (i.e. the old East Germany). Political leaders rise up through the bureaucracy; elections offer little or no real choice. Internally the ( Full Answer )

What is a communist government?

A system of government where the government plans and controls the economy. Also all citizens are deemed equal. A communist state is a sovereign state with a form of government characterized by single-party rule or dominant-party rule of a communist party and a professed allegiance to a communist id ( Full Answer )

Is japan a communist government?

No. Japan is currently governed by the Democratic Party of Japan, a center-left/classical liberal party. But some countries that are communist are North Korea, Cuba, etc

In a communist government what is the role of the government?

Communism, as the name suggests, provides a communal pot of goods and services that everyone on the country has access to, despite social status. The Government's job, hypothetically, is to make sure all of the goods and resources are distributed evenly and that everyone who has put into the pot, ( Full Answer )

Does Cuba still have a communist government?

They have appointed Raúl Castro as president as of 2008 February24. Raúl was acting president as of 2006 July 31, due to healthproblems with his brother Fidel. Yes Cuba is still communist.

How does a communistic government chose its leaders?

They don't really chose a system. In the Soviet Union for example, there were constant power struggles. It started off with Lenin taking power through leading the revolution that put the Bolsheviks into power. Then after Lenin's death, Stalin won the power struggle against Trotsky. The rest went thr ( Full Answer )

Who set up the first communist government in Russia?

Technically speaking, no one ever set up a communist state as Karl Marx defined communism. Vladimir Lenin, after the October Russian Revolution, set up a socialist state in Russia, expecting that at some time in the future it would become a true communist state. It was referred to as a communist sta ( Full Answer )

What is communist governments?

A communist Êgovernment is a single party state controlled byÊaÊparty thatÊ advocates the principles of communism. There areseveral Ê types Êof communist governments.

Can a Communist Party get elected in Uruguay?

Any political party can inscribe itself to be electable. If they reach a certain percentage of votes in their internal elections (when Uruguayan citizens can vote) they can be electable then in the National Elections. Nowadays (December 29th, 2009) a Communist Party exists inside a political party a ( Full Answer )

Who were the first communists?

The first communists were the first creatures that set up a cooperative environment with each other each being able to take advantage of the skills of the other in order to assist each other in survival. in fact communism was around long before man kind was. To avoid confusion the communism that has ( Full Answer )

What was the first year that England was governed by elected officials?

A personal view: We in UK are not, we are governed by the Civil Service, we may or may not vote to change or keep a political party in power, but the powers of the Civil Service are unchanged and unaffected by who we do or do not vote for. You might, as I suggest, tell me we have Democracy, well whe ( Full Answer )

Is the government of China communist?

Yes, China is a communist country. Founded in 1921, the Communist Party of China has ruled all of mainland China since they won the Chinese Civil War against the Kuomintang.

What is the title of leader in a communist government?

A 'Communist government' is a self contradictory term. in Communism, there is no government. What you probably mean is 'socialist government'. There is no set title for a leader of a socialist government.

How do you elect the government?

Depending on the country, election system etc. In the UK and America, we first hold local elections for our MP's (UK) called a General Election which is a 'Two Party System' (like America) even though we have the Liberal Democrats as a 3rd party but it's mostly the 'New' Labour Party and the Conserv ( Full Answer )

How is the ruler appointed in a communist government?

The president or prime minister in a communist government isusually ceremoniously elected. In communist regimes, there isusually one dominant political party which has a great deal ofcontrol over elections. The dominant party (usually "the CommunistParty") will appoint the candidate that fits with t ( Full Answer )

Who makes the decision in a communist government?

communism. com·mu·nism [kómmyə nìzzəm] noun . classless political system: the political theory or system in which all property and wealth is owned in a classless society by all the members of that society [Mid-19th century. < French communisme < commun "common" < Latin co ( Full Answer )

Are there elections in communist countries?

In communist countries a lot of the time the do have sufficient elections but usually there are unnecessary or fake. for example, a country may pretend to have an election to impress other world leaders.

Countries which have a communist form of government?

China, North Korea, and Cuba. . In addition, Vietnam and Laos are Communist countries. Most political scientist classify North Korea as "Communist-in-name-only"; functionally, they are a hereditary dictatorship run by a small oligarchy. China (mainland, aka People's Republic of China) is al ( Full Answer )

Who leads a communist government?

there is no "leader". the people lead themselves. everyone works for the good of everyone and everything is commonly owned

Do communist countries elect reps?

No, usually only loyal and trusted members of the communist party are appointed by the Central Party committee to serve in a position in that country's legislative body. Hope this answered your question comrade.

Is the Chinese government communist?

It's actually an interesting question. The Chinese government claims to be communist, although their current policies bear little resemblance to communism as it used to be practiced in the USSR or other communist nations. China has a mixed economy, with both communist and capitalist elements. A more ( Full Answer )

Is the government of Mexico communist?

No. Mexico's type of government is that of a federal presidential representative republic , just like the United States, or other federal republics such as Brazil, Argentina or Switzerland. In terms of economic system, Mexico is a capitalistic emerging market .

Why did Cambodia become a communist government?

D uring Vietnam War, Cambodian King, Norodom Sihanouk wanted the South and North Vietnam to become one country again. He also allowed North Vietnamese to station in Cambodia. When US came to help South Vietnam fought the North, US overthrew Cambodian King and replaced with pro-American prime ministe ( Full Answer )

How does a Communist Government work?

In ideal terms, communism is a system in which there is no private ownership; everyone gets the same amount of award. It was supposed to eliminate social classes and make everyone equal, but instead, some people stopped working due to a lack of it to earn, collapsing the economy.

Where was the first communist government in the world?

Although there were many communist societies in the world from the early Greeks forward where all goods were held in common, the modern communist (Marxist) states are a product of the 20th century. The first wasi in Russia following the 1917 October Revolution when the Bolshevik Party seized state p ( Full Answer )

What is the role of the government in communist states?

Absolutely none. A true communist state, according to Karl Marx's definition, would not even have a government. As Marx put it, after capitalism was replaced by socialism, the society would gradually evolve into a true communist state. As it did so, all distinctions between social classes would d ( Full Answer )

Why don't communists have elections?

Technically communists are supposed to have elections. The choice between candidates is limited to communists however, so that either way a communist will take office. In some communist countries only registered party members may vote, further limiting the voice of the people. In practice many commu ( Full Answer )

Was montenegro ever communist government?

The nation of Montenegro used to be part of Yugoslavia, and it therefore had a communist government during the period of 1945 - 1990, between the end of WW II and the fall of communism in Europe.

Is Switzerland a communist government?

All major parties in Switzerland support a capitalist economy. Switzerland has a very democratic system of government. Switzerland is a confederation of 26 semi-independent cantons. A canton is equivalent to what is called a state in English-speaking federal countries. As many decisions as p ( Full Answer )

Is their still a communist government if so where?

There has never been a true Marxist Communist government , mostly because Capitalism has never passed through Marx's end-stage capitalism. However countries claiming to be communist include: . North Korea . China . Cuba

Do communists hold elections?

Whether or not an election is held is not determined by howcommunistic a government is. Some Communists believe in open elections, some Communists believein a single leader, and other Communists do not believe in anoperable government.