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By the way, the location of the combination flasher for the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee is the same as described below.

My turn signals and 4-way hazard lights stopped working and took a long time to find it until I found the answer below.

All I had to do was re-mount the flasher (by pulling and pushing on it), and it just started working. It helped that my 4-way hazard switch was turned on already.

The funny thing is that I went to a local Autozone store (before I found out where the flasher is located) to ask if they have the flasher replacement part (so I can see what I'm looking for), but they don't have it in their computer.

Thanks for the info below... it helped me tremendously, even though my Grand Cherokee is a year older than the one mentioned below.

AnswerI asked this question - unfortunately didn't receive any answers so jumped in and did some OPEN DASH SURGERY myself.

The unit is located above the fuse block (fuse block is under the cover located near the left kick panel under a snap on cover)

1. Remove the cover from the fuse panel.2. Remove two (2) 10mm bolts. One on each side of the steering coloum at each end of the knee panel. Remove one (1) Phillips screw from the side of the panel near the door hinges.3. Remove the Phillips recessed screw (1) holding the cover on the underside of the steering coloum.4. Pull towards you the snap on piece right below the speedometer.5. Remove the two (2) Phillips screws holding the lower knee panel on. One (1) on each side of the steeing coloum towards the ends of the panel.

This now pretty much opens up the area under the steering coloum. If your flasher is working at all turn on your four (4) way flashers. On the left side above the fuse block feel for the clicking of the flasher. It's the largest unit in between a couple of other fuses. When you do locate the unit make sure to note the directions of the spades. It only goes in one way.

Took me awhile to find where it was but wasn't about to give up !

I'm DEFINATELY not a mech-a-nic and I'm worse at writing directions. Just hope this helps some other Jeep owner.

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Q: Where is the flasher for the 2000 grand Cherokee ltd?
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