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Where is the flasher located on a 2000 Dodge Dakota 2WD?


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2011-09-13 10:43:15
2011-09-13 10:43:15
Change 2000 Dakota flasherThe flasher is located below the stearing column. There's a steering column cover plate that needs to be removed to access it. There's a fuse block with a bundle of wires leading into it. Before messing around, unhook the negative battery cable, wait 2 minutes for the airbag capacitor to discharge. The turn signal and hazard flasher is a combination piece on the 2000 Dakota. It's shaped like a cube and it should pull straight out.

On my 2000 Dakota sport, it is located on the driver side, under the dash up above the emergency brake pedal. It is a rectangular relay block with no cover.

Hard to see with the wire bundles in the way. The original flasher is a green color. I bought one at Checkers for $12 p/n FL27.


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The body computer is the flasher on a 2000 Dodge Caravan. The body computer is mounted behind the under dash fuse box, under the dash on the driver side.

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The towing capacity of a 2000 Dodge Dakota V6 is about 7500 pounds. The Dodge Dakota was discontinued in 2011.

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