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I've got a '96 Riviera. The flasher module on my car is located behind the dash, about in the middle of the car, fairly high up on the firewall and is a PAIN to get to! I have a '92 Riviera. My car has bucket seats and a console in the middle. On the left and right side of this console ... by the gas peddle on the drivers side, is a fuse panel access door. It is in the same place on the passenger side. The flasher module is located on top of that fuse box. If you turn your hazzard flasher on, you can hear it and feel it when you put your hand in there. The flasher module is right next to it. It's tough to pull out and it helps to have smaller hands. It's also easier to get at from the passenger side. Hope this helps someone.

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2007-08-18 01:17:46
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Q: Where is the flasher on a 1992 Buick Riviera located?
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