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Where is the flasher relay on a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?


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Under the dash, and near the steering column, looking up you will see a black plastic panel held by one set screw.Take the screw out and twist the panel sideways. If the Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) part is there, it is a bright green module plugged into a black socket.(hint: If you put the key in the run position and turn the signal off and on, you will hear a single click,even if the module is bad. The module will also buzz as it tries to energize. so you can use your hand to feel for the module if there is a lot of wiring in the way).

The module has mounting hardware on it; just pull it free from the chassis.

Then simply pull the module out of the socket. I found that the socket is keyed so the module can only go in one way.

Since I was using a generic unit w/o the factory mounting, I taped the unit and the socket to a nearby wiring harness. Make sure you leave room for the panel to go back and don't just let it dangle, as it will work its way back to the brake pedal and could cause a jam.

Then twist the black panel back into place replace the screw and you are golden.

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Lilly, If you open the drivers door, look at the end of the dash on the left, you will see a little compartment with a door that you can pull off. The relay/fuse is in there.

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