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usually this is caused by a burnt out bulb, or one that is about to go

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Q: Where is the flasher turn signals located for a 1988 Mercury Topaz in order to replace or repair one side which is not blinking on turns?
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How do you replace turn signal flasher and where is it located?

What kind of car 1999 mercury mountaineer

Directional signals work sometimes they work for days at a time and then you want to make a right turn and nothing happens we leave them on and then sometime later they start blinking any suggestions?

Replace the Flasher Relay.Replace the Flasher Relay.

Why is the theft light blinking on my 2002 Mercury Mountaineer and it will not crank?

had to replace the battery in my 2002 Mercury Mountaineer but now the theft light is blinking, it is cranking up. How can I stop it?

How do you replace an electronic flasher for a 2001 mercury villager?

Flasher modules are normally near the fuses in the fuse box.

Why would a bad flasher not go off when making a turn it just stays blinking thanks for any help?

Replace the Flasher Relay. If that does not correct the problem, then the turn signal lever is defective.

Where is the flasher located?

It is located in the fuse box. It is a round cylinder about 1" in diameter. I would suggest you replace it with a heavy duty flasher if you plan on towing.

Is the signal flasher and the hazzard flasher the same on a 1991 buick century if not where is the location of the signal flasher?

No they are not. The hazard flasher should be located in the fuse panal. While the turn signal flasher is located behind the dash near the AC controls. Can be a pain to find and replace.

Turn signal on 1995 Mercury grand marquis not working?

Replace the flasher relay if none of them are working.

How can you replace the turn flasher relay of a 1997 mercury villager?

It's next to the fuses under the dash.

The turn-signal indicator on your Toyota Corolla 1995 isn't blinking anymore - It's just glowing permanently - how can you fix the problem?

Test the flasher or just replace if not expensive. replace the flasher can usually found near the fuse box

Where is the flasher unit located on a 1995 mercury grand marquis?

There isn't one. The 1995 Grand Marquis uses a lighting control prossessor. They are very expensive to replace. The part cost me $325.00.

Where is the flasher unit in a 1983 Ford Laser hatchback and how do you replace it?

The 1983 Ford flasher unit is located beneath the drivers side dashboard. The flasher unit simply plugs in and out.

Where is the blinker relay on a Volvo 850?

the relay is located within the hazzard flasher switch. If faulty replace flasher switch and it will sort out the problem

94 Honda blinking lights wont start?

Are you saying the turn signals will not flash? If so, replace the Flasher Relay located, front seating area, driver side, under dash, above fuse block, mounted on kick panel.

Your lights do not flash Where is the flasher located on your 2000 Toyota Camry. how do i replace it?

The flasher is a rectangular unit located under the dashboard on the "kick" panel, to the left of the driver's left foot.

How do you replace the flasher on your Pontiac Firebird 1995?

Pull out the old flasher (located under dash pannel above brake pedal, above the horn relay) and put in the new flasher.

Your 1997 mitsubitshi montero sport right blinker keeps clicking and blinking Not responsive you have replace the flasher on the fuse box but it is still doing the same thing Any suggestions?

Replace the turn signal switch.

Where are the flasher fuses located at on a 97 Mercury Grand Marquis?

The should be under the dash on the drivers Side of the car. Look for 2 square silver swicches. Make sure you replace them with HEAVY DUTY switches.

Turn signal flasher location and identity 1998 ford explorer?

Tutn signal flasher is located on the steering column. Revove the cover that is located between the steering wheel and the instrument panel. The Flasher is yellow. I did not have to replace mine, some wires were loose.

How do you replace the turn signal flasher on 1999 Olds 88?

The flasher is located under the left side of the dash fjust forward of fuse panel. Probably have to use "feel" to locate it. The flasher closer to the steering column is the Hazard flasher.

How do you replace the flasher relay on a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder 4WD?

To replace the flasher relay on a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder 4WD, unplug the old turn signal flasher and plug in the new one. It is a three prong plug located under the dash on the driver's side. The hazard flasher relay works the same way.

How do you replace the turn signal switch located on a 2001 VW Golf GLS?

Change the flasher first.

How do you replace a flasher unit?

it the bulb or socket not flasher unit

How do you replace turn sinal flasher 92 Toyota Camry?

how to replace the turning flasher on a 92 camry

How do you replace the flasher and where is it located on a 1988 Buick Park Avenue?

The flasher on most cars is located around the fuse box under the dash, or attached to the underside of the dash. It is a small round cylindrical Can made of aluminum, or plastic.