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Where is the flasher unit located on a 2000 Ford Expedition?


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2008-12-21 16:59:28
2008-12-21 16:59:28

The flasher unit on my 2000 Ford was located behind the dash and almost above the steering column. A very real pain to get at. There are 2 different type of flashing units the cheap one for about 30 dollars like mine, or the expensive one for like 100 dollars. The parts store had to use the VIN# to find out what month it was made for the correct flasher. The unit is in the shape of a cube and before you get it apart, which is hard, remember the orientation. This will be helpful when putting it back together. I used a small flat screwdriver to unlock the tabs located on both sides. The fit is so snug it it was difficult to get apart. It goes together the same way. Very akward location and very tight fit made it difficult. Took me about an hour to do. Hope yours goes easier. Z


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Check your owners manual. If you don't have one copy & paste this link.

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