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The flasher unit is behind kick panel between the steering colume and emergency brake release cliped to its own hanger. It's a small black box measuring about 1.5"by 3"and it controls both turn signals and emergency flashers.

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Q: Where is the flasher unit on a 2002 Dodge Durango?
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Where is the flasher unit on a 2002 Dodge Dakota?

in the fuse block

Your turn signals wont work on 2000 dodge durango but checked all the fuses?

Could be the flasher unit.

Where is the turn signal flasher located on Dodge Ram?

Both the hazard flasher unit and the turn signal flasher unit are in the main fuse box and are identified

Where is the flasher unit on a dodge van?

The flasher unit on a Dodge Van is located under the dash on the driver's side. Look for a small round cylinder that has a three prong plug in.

How much refrigerant does the 2001 dodge durango with rear unit hold?

I have a 99 durango and the amount of refrigerant needed for the single unit and double unit are listed under the hood on top of the radiator.

Where are the flasher units located on a citroen Picasso?

location of flasher unit on 2002 picasso 2lt Diesel.

Where is the flasher unit for signal lights on a 2002 Chevrolet Venture?

The flasher unit for the 2002 Chevrolet Venture is under the dash near the steering column. It looks like a thimble with three prongs.

Where is the hazard flasher unit on a 2002 Malibu?

The module is part of the switch

How to find the flasher location for ford ranger 2002?

the flasher unit is either in fuse box, or is in wiring under dash

Where is the sending unit on a 2002 dodge ram and how do you change it?

Which sending unit?

How do you replace the fuel filter for a 2001 Dodge Durango?


How can you change a flasher relay in a 2002 rsx?

The flasher relay for a 2002 RSX plugs into the top of the fuse box. Simply unplug the old unit, and plug the new one in.

Where is the flasher unit located on a 1997 Dodge Ram and what does it look like?

the flasher relays are located next to the fuse block. they are short cylinders. the top cylinder is the emergency flasher and the bottom cylynder is the turn signal flasher.

How do you replace a flasher unit?

it the bulb or socket not flasher unit

How do you change the flasher relay on a 1998 dodge grand caravan?

The flasher relay is under the steering column.........the 4ways and the left and right turn is all in the same unit.

Where is flasher on 2000 Corvette?

The flasher unit on a 2000 Corvette is built into the emergency flasher unit in the console.

Where is the transmission control unit located on a 2002 Dodge Intrepid?

The transmission control unit is located between the engine oil dipstick and the windshield washer fluid reservoir on the 2002 Dodge Intrepid. The TCM and PCM are one built into one unit on 2002 models.

Where is flasher unit Volvo s80?

The flasher relay unit can be found beneath the drivers side dashboard. The flasher relay unit will be above the accelerator pedal.

What is the most common reason that your 96 dodge would lose the blinkers?

The most common reason is a faulty flasher unit.

Where is the Emergency Flasher Unit for a 1999 ford escort ZX2 located?

The 1999 Ford Escort emergency flasher unit can be found beneath the drivers side dashboard. The emergency flasher unit will be labeled as the turn signal flasher unit.

Where is the flasher unit on a 1982 camaro?

The 1982 Chevrolet Camaro flasher unit can be found behind the drivers side dashboard. The flasher unit will be near the back of the tachometer.

Where is the signal flasher on a 2000 Dodge Durango?

It should be in the fuse box in the 2000 models. On 2001 and newer, it is under the driver's side dash, just above the data link connector. For 2000 Durangos only: More correctly it is the square green relay looking unit located at the top and back side of the fuse box. IE it must be removed by reaching up to the top of the fuse panel from underneath the dash. Here is another link regarding 2000 Durango flashers...

Where is flasher unit in a Renault clio 2003?

The flasher unit is intergrated within the instrument panel

Where is the flasher unit in the estima emina?

The flasher unit is tucked behind the instrument panel and is a pain to get at.

Where is the flasher unit situated on a 2001 vw polo playa?

It seems as if it is part of the flasher unit