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The Blower motor for a 2000 Ford Expedition is located under the dash on the passanger side of the car. It is round and is as far to the front right as you can go. I took off the glove box and the plastic panel that is under the glove box that protects the heater core. This made it easier to remove the motor. Also I took off the plastic runner and the right side plastic molding and shield so you can move the carpet. I could not get the motor out with out moving the carpet. Tight fit. It takes a 7 & 8 mm metric socket and open end/boxed end wrenches to remove the unit. Pretty hard to get it in and out. Be careful not to damage the fan. Ford part was over 120.00 which included the gasket and the push ring(which is used to hold the fan to the motor). When you remove the fan from the old motor it will break. I got the motor from CarQuest for 52.00(didn't include the push ring or gasket) and the ring from Ford dealer for 5.00. I took a razor blade and removed the old gasket and reused it(you could use a thin weather strip or double sided tape if you want). I'm sure I saved several hundred dollars of labor cost. Good luck. Doug-Kansas City, MO

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Q: Where is the front blower fan motor located on a 1998 Ford Expedition with dual air?
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Blower motor is located under dash on front passenger side.

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Where is the blower motor relay at.

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I have a Saab 9-5 and its blower motor is located in the front of the windshield underneath the wipers

What does fuse 116 control in a 2003 Ford Expedition?

According to the fuse diagram / list in the 2003 Ford Expedition Owner Guide : # 116 is a 40 amp maxi fuse for the front blower motor relay and front blower motor

Where is the front blower motor resistor located on a 2003 Ford Expedition XLT?

Remove the glove box door and you will see the resisior attached with 2 screws.

On my 2000 ford expedition why dont the front heater motor blow?

find blower motor check for voltage on one of the three pins at blower motor, if so check for good grd. most likely ur blower motor is fualty.

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The front blower motor is located under the glove box behind the lower trim panel. The rear blower motor is located on the left side in the rear behind a panel

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Blower motor resistors are usually located close to the blower motor.

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It's located behind the glove compartment.

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The front blower motor relay is located in the fuse panel by your left knee. When you remove the cover, you will find a fuse block and 5 relays on the right of the fuse panel. The front blower relay is the last relay on the bottom

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You have to remove the passenger front fender. The blower is located on the firewall inside the fender.

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The blower fan motor is located under the hood on the left side in a Ford E150

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