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Q: Where is the fuel cut off switch on a 1999 Honda Prelude 2.2 V-tec?
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Is a 1994 Honda Prelude s have a vtec engine?

A 1994 Honda Prelude S would not have a VTEC engine in it (assuming it has the original engine in it). It should have the F22A1 in it which is SOHC and Non-VTEC.

Where would i found out what generation is my honda prelude?

1993 The H22 debuted in the U.S. in 1993 as the H22A1 for use in the Honda Prelude VTEC.

Will a Honda vtec motor fit in my 96 Honda prelude?

It depends on what kind of VTEC motor is being swapped into a 1996 Honda Prelude. The H22 series certainly can be swapped in, as it was in the higher trim lines of both 4th and 5th generation Preludes.

Honda Prelude 1995 VTECH?

Yes Honda made a Prelude in 1995 with a DOHC VTEC engine. VTECH makes cordless phones and toys.

What bigger engine will fit in a 1986 Honda Prelude SI?

the best swap would be a JDM vtec 2.2 liter. you can get a 2.2 liter vtec out of something like a 2001 Honda prelude but you would have to do the wiring harness

Throttle body leaking VTEC 1993 Honda Prelude?

I don't really care about VTEC 1993. But throttling is the rigorous shaking of the neck

Top speed for a 1996 Honda Prelude?

well i dont know about a 1996 but i was once a passanger in a 1993 Prelude Si non-vtec and we hit 145mph

What size motor is in a 1993 Honda Prelude?

1997cc - 2258cc Highest output on the 2154cc VTEC (185-220 hp).

How much horsepower does a stock Honda Prelude have?

standard VTEC models have between 185 and 195 BHP with non VTEC modesl having less depending upon engine size

What year is Honda cb 400 nc39-1000539?

This is honda CB4 Hyper vtec 1999

Any major set backs of a 1994 Honda prelude SI?

Only thing might be it has an h23 engine which is non-VTEC producing 160 bhp which falls short of the vtec prelude with the h22 making around 190 bhp. that's about it though.

What kind of engine is the H22?

The H22 is a high-performance engine that debuted in 1993 as an engine for the Honda Prelude VTEC. This was a signature engine worldwide until the end of production for the prelude in 2001.

Will a 1995 Acura integra with a dohc transmition fit a 1999 prelude with a vtec?

yes, but a diferent pilot bushing is required.

Where is the oil pressure switch on a 2000 Honda civic si?

The oil pressure switch on a 2000 Honda Civic is on the top of the motor. It screws in the side of the vtec solenoid.

Do 91 Honda accord come with vtec?

Yes, Honda came out with the VTEC engine in 1989. Not all 1991s have the VTEC engine.

Is 1997 Honda prelude vtec an interference engine?

The H22 engine, which are found in 1997 Honda Preludes, are interference engines. This means that the valves and pistons do indeed make contact as the engine is on.

Will a 1995 Honda Accord vtec engine fit into a 1996 Honda prelude?

Yes, it will fit with some minor modification. Other popular swaps are the h22a1, h22a4, h22a and h23.

What is oil capacity for 1994 prelude?

The 1992 - 1996 Honda Prelude Oil Capacities...S series, 5.2 quarts.... Si ( 2ws) 5.7 quarts...VTEC, 6.2 quarts with filter change.

How much horsepower does does 1998 base model prelude vtec have?

200 horsepower (at the crank) for a base model US market Honda Prelude. If it's a "sport shift" version, it's a little less.

Which is faster Acura RSX or Honda Prelude?

If you are looking at the fastest production versions of either car (ex: RSX Type S vs. Prelude VTEC), then the RSX would about match with the Prelude 0-60, but be a little faster in the quarter mile.

How many horsepower does a Honda Accord LX have?

That depends on the engine you have in it. Different years have different engines available. I have accord 1999 LX 4Cyl VTEC has 150hp accord 1999 V6 VTEC about 170hp

Where is the Intake Air Temperature sensor in a prelude 1999 2.2 vtec?

It is a 2 screw sensor located on your intake manifold. Can't miss it. I just changed mine on my 01 Prelude SH

Can you swap a 97 Honda vtec for a 98 Honda vtec?

yeah it will fit perfect same model

What was the first year Honda introduced vtec?

from wikipedia.... Honda introduced vtec as a DOHC system in the 1989 Honda Integra and Civic CRX SiR models sold in Japan and Europe, which used a 160 bhp (119 kW) variant of the B16A engine. The US market saw the first VTEC system with the introduction of the 1990 Acura NSX, which used a DOHC VTEC V6 with 270 hp (200 kW). DOHC VTEC engines soon appeared in other vehicles, such as the 1992 Acura Integra GS-R (B17A 1.7 liter engine). And later in the 1993 Honda Prelude VTEC (H22 2.2 liter engine with 195hp) and Honda Del Sol VTEC (B16 1.6 liter engine). Honda has also continued to develop other varieties and today offers several varieties of VTEC: iVTEC, iVTEC Hybrid and VTEC in the NSX and some Japanese domestic market cars.

What is the fastest 4 cylinder naturally aspirated production car?

1992-1996 Honda Prelude VTEC could reach 240km/h at the rev limiter.