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Where is the fuel filter for a 1997 ford expedition located?


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2009-11-28 20:46:38
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It is on the driver side tucked up in the frame just in front of the fuel tank.

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where is the oil pump located on 1997 ford expedition

a mechanic told me on a 1997 it was inside the tank and it had to be dropped to change it

If you mean "cabin air filter," there is not one on the 1997 Ford Expedition. I have a '97 Expedition Eddie Baur and have looked and researched thoroughly.

where is the heater control valve for a 1997 ford expedition

On my 1998 Ford Expedition XLT. The oil filter was located on the drivers side behind or near the front bumper.

The 2004 Ford expedition cabin air filter is located behind the dashboard, on the passenger side. The air filter should be labeled as such.

You don't fix it, you just replace it.

Where is the transmission dip stick located on a 2000 Ford Expedition and where do you insert the transmission fluid at?

On a 1997 or 1998 Ford Expedition ( 5W-30 ) * with engine oil filter change , 5.7 liters / 6.0 U.S. quarts

The oil filter on a 1998 Ford Expedition 5.4 Triton engine is located just behind the bumper on the drivers side. Im not sure of the answer above for on my 98 expedition (5.4) the oil filter is located on the engine(drivers side), nothing near the bumper.

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According to the 1997 Ford Expedition Owner Guide : Both the 4.6L and the 5.4L V8 engines take the : ( Motorcraft FL-820-S engine oil filter )

Ford Expedition was created in 1997.

On my 98 Ford Expedition the oil filter is located on the driver side behind the front bumper.

The 1997 Ford Expedition owners manual shows : 6 quarts ( 5.7 liters ) with oil filter change

Yes , 1997 was the first model year for the Ford Expedition

it is under front bumper on drivers side...this is on a 1997 expedition 4x4

On a 1997 Ford Expedition : The Mass Air Flow sensor is between the engine air filter and the big engine air intake tube ( it is INSIDE the round plastic housing but you will see where the wires go in )

The Owner Guide doesn't show a cabin filter for the 1998 Ford Expedition

According to the 1997 Ford Expedition Owner Guide For the 4.6 and 5.4 liter V8 engines With engine oil filter change : ( 6.0 U.S. quarts of 5W-30 )

With engine oil filter change : ( 6.0 quarts / 5.7 liters ) for the 5.4 liter V8 engine in a 1997 Ford Expedition

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It is located in the liquid line or tube between the condenser and evaporator.

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