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We have a 1986 and the location is on the drivers side just forward and above the rear axle. Jack up the drivers rear utilizing all safety measures. I used a pair of vice grips and open end wrench. A cardboard laid down for comfort and to absorb the gasoline would be helpful. Also, I believe I crimped a neoprene hose with an additional pair of grips so the gas wouldn't leak. Also you might consider letting the tank go empty prior to replacement. In closing I wish I had replaced ours prior to having numerous mechanics charge us to trouble shoot the stalling problem we had been having -- thus costing well over the four figure amount ! Good luck I believe your 1984 Lesabre has a 4 barrel carb. In that case, the filter is not in the rear of the car, that is only for fuel injected models, but rather in the front of the carb where the fuel line goes in. You will need a 1 inch wrench and a 5/8 inch wrench to loosen the lines where they go together. Then remove the fitting out of the carb and take care to note the length of the filter, there are 2 kinds used in that car, and make sure not to lose the spring that comes out of there. Also be sure not to force the fittings back together, they are fine threads on those so it will thread by hand. Then snug every thing back up using your wrenches, start it up and check for leaks. I hope that this helps.

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my buick hasn't ran since 06 and the dieing out happens to me too . Friend said i need a timing done . But I would like to change the fuel filter and its a v8 307 . Is that still a 4 barrel carb?
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Q: Where is the fuel filter located on a 1984 Buick LeSabre?
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