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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1985 4x4 22R Toyota pick up?

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2010-12-27 02:50:54

I have a 1986 yoda 4x4 with a 22R engine and the fuel filter is

located in front of the gas tank on the passenger side. It's a

white plastic piece. If you follow the lines from the tank you

should see it but it requires getting under the truck and looking

up. I tried to replace it once from a generic parts store and it

leaked! I had to go to a shop to have it done right. Good luck!


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All the ones I've ever seen are located on right side of engine

(passenger) under intake manifold just above starter, Real

challenge to change. Can be accessed by jacking up front of vehicle

and place jack stands under frame (PLEASE) remove passenger front

tire this is the easiest way I have found to locate and change fuel


On my 1984 Toyota 4x4 it was on the passenger side on the frame

rail next to the fuel tank (about 4 inches from the filler hose)

this is not an easy place to get to but if you can relocate it in

the engine bay for future replacement as with older rigs you get

more sediment in the tank witch equals to changing the filter more


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