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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1985 Ford F150?


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look between the carb and the furl pump on the drivers side of the block.


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Usually it's located near or under the air filter.

The fuel filter on a 1990 ford F150 is located on the rear left side. It should be right between where the cab of the truck and the bed meet. I just changed mine a couple months ago. Just follow the fuel lines you cant miss the filter

Purchase a Purolator filter as it comes with complete instructions. I think you will find that a 1998 F150 does not have a cabin filter.

were is the vin on the fram of a 1985 ford f150

It is in the intake air horn from the air filter to the throttle plate.

1985-1988 ford f150 f250 and f350 or a 1994 f150 f250 and f350

The fuel filter is located in the framing on the driver side just in front of the gas tank. Kinda hard to get to, lines are also a pain to get loose.

How to drill out ignition switch on 1985 ford f150?

this vehicle does not come with a cabin air filter

wer ar file filters on 94 f150

The oil pressure switch is located by the oil filter on a 1979 Ford F-150. This will be by the lower drivers side of the engine.

you put the brake fluid inside the master cylinder

The 2010 F150's do not have a conventional, replaceable fuel filter. I just bought a 2010, and the Owners Manual states that the filter is now in the gas tank, and Ford claims it is a "lifetime" filter. I think I will be tapping into my fuel line to add a replaceable filter. I don't like the idea of never changing a fuel filter. If it's designed to never clog, it isn't filtering enough.

you need two special quick release line tools and they don't always come off easy.gm Jim

on the frame under the driver's door

It is under the car about under the seats in the frame rail.

Where is the oil filter located in a 1999 Ford Contour

There is no hydraulic filter located on the Ford 8N tractor!

how do I disable computer on Ford 150 1998

On inner/upper side of left mid/rear frame. follow your fuel ines to it.

Its on or in the "tube" going from your air filter to intake. It will be on the engine side of the air cleaner assembly.

The airbag module for the 1997 Ford F150 is located in the passenger side kick panel below the dash. It is silver and black in coloring.

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