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This will depend on your carburetor type. On a 1984 Chevy 4x4 with a 4 Barrel carb, the gas line comes up to the front of the carb (side towards the front of the truck) and there is a 5/8" fitting connected to a 1" fitting. On the 5/8" fitting there is a metal tube running through the middle. When the enging is cool unscrew the 5/8 fitting first and move it aside and then unscrew the 1" fitting and remove. When you remove it you will find the fuel filter typically 3/4" in diameter by 2" in length. One end will have an opening with a gasket on it and the other end will be closed. Pay attention to this when installing the new filter. The closed end goes in first. Reverse procedure to install the filter and fittings.

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Q: Where is the fuel filter located on a 1988 Chevy truck 350 4x4?
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Where is the fuel filter located on 1988 Chevy truck?

Under the car,Along the frame, under the drivers seat.

Where is fuel filter located on 1988 Chevy Celebrity Is it easy to change?

The fuel filter on a 1988 Chevy celebrity 2.5 litre FI is located right in front of the rear passenger side tire.

Where is the fuel pump relay located in your 1988 Chevy truck?

On the firewall, passenger side.

Where is the transmission filter located on a 1988 Chevy S-10?

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..the oil filter is located under the engine , centered approx. 4 inches back from the radiator.

Where is fuel filter on 1988 Chevy 350?

the fuel filter is located on the inside of the frame on the drivers side about even with the door

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Yes, But it won't look right. 1988 is when chevy redesigned the body / changed it.

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the fuel filter is located either in the fuel pump, near the fuel pump or on the fuel line system, unless you are looking for a place to buy a fuel pump then just go to advanced auto napa or auto zone

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Where is the fuel filter in a 1988 Chevy Celebrity?

The fuel filter in your 1988 Chevy Celebrity is on the driver's side behind the rear wheel next to the fuel tank.

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If you have a V6 the canister filter is located at the bottom of the block near the front of the engine. If you have the 2.5 4 cylinder engine the oil filter is in the pan.

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