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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1993 Eagle Summit DL wagon?


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I have a 94 summit wagon lx and the cannister fuel filter is under the air filter and hose assembly.

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The flasher for the turn signals and hazard lights on a 1995 Eagle Summit wagon is located in the dash on the driver's side of the vehicle. It is just above the brake pedal.

eagle made it, eagle was later bought out by Chrysler Actually the Eagle Summit wagon was made by Mitsubishi. I was also marketed as the Mitsubishi Expo LRV and the Dodge Vista wagon.

in the inlet hose on the front of the block

You have to recalibrate the muffler bearing first.

It does not. I have a '93 Summit Wagon, that does not have it. I'm pretty sure it was in '94 they added a driver side airbag, and a passenger one in '95.

Not sure what type you have but, I have a DL station wagon and the fuel filter is located under the hood on the drivers side by the strut tower.

the horn is located under the air filter box

The black plastic frame surrounding this panel, which includes the ventilation holes, can probably be pulled out. This provides access to the back of the panel where the light bulb is situated. After replacing the bulb, the frame can simply be pushed back on. This method applies to a 1993 Mitsubishi Space Runner, but can very probably be used for a 1995 Eagle Summit wagon.

Fuel filter is located between engine and firewall on drivers side of engine comartment

Purchase a Purolator Cabin filter, as it comes with complete instructions.

I believe there is one at the fuel pickup in the pump...

I am pretty sure the Expo LRV and the Eagle Summit wagon are identical. Mine has the 2.4L engine, there was also a 1.8L engine. The 2.4L version is a 4G64 type engine. There should be a metal plate on the back of the engine compartment that states the engine type. (In the center just below the hood.) Just make sure that the engine you replace it with is the same type.

on the right side of the engine underneath of the firewall or right beside it.

where is the fuel fiter located on a 1989 buick century wagon 2.5l 4cyl, and how do i go about replacing it.

It's above the front pipe on the rear of the engine above the driveshaft

I looked under the seats and in the rear parcel section of my corolla wagon and cannot see any access panel belonging to the filter.

the fuel filter is located under the car, about even with space between the front and back doors. It is covered by a metal plate that is about 10 inches by 10 inches. bob

i have a 1989 740 and mine is located on under the hood it the green 1 on the side next to the air filter

you didn't want...I have a 92 eagle summit wagon,needs a new heater core, I was quoted $800 for this job specifically because the whole dash has to come out.I have ordered the new heater core online from rockauto for approx $100, then went to the reference section of the library to the car repair manuals online and printed out the whole job.not only does the dash have to come out,but so does the console and the 2 front seats!! needless to say,I have not yet attempted it. It's getting a little warmer in vancouver.....

Fuel pump is in the fuel tank, the filter, if fitted, is in-line, usually a grey cylinder in the engine compartment.

If your Eagle still has the Diagram sticker on the underside of the hood, this should explain exactly where the transmission dipstick is located. For the purpose of disclsure, it is a smal,l ususally white, plastic ball about a half inch in diameter on the lower left of the transmission as viewed from the engine compartment. Yo need to reach down to the left. The white plastic ball looks like a plug rather than a traditional ringed dipstick handle. Theres the confusion. This is a bit of a bugger when the engine is hot and or running. CAUTION!

one on the firewall driver side and one by the fuel pump near right rear tire under the car

It is in the tank and you can buy them from a Chrysler dealer that had them in Washington. I can't remember the dealer it's been so long.

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