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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder?


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2006-01-04 17:51:53
2006-01-04 17:51:53

Looking at the engine from the front of the Pathy it is located on the left of the engine just to the side of the oil refill cap. It is about half the height of a soda can and tapered on the bottom with fuel lines running in the top and out of the bottom.


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The 1995 Nissan Pathfinder IAT sensor can be found in the air intake hose. The IAT sensor will be between the air filter box and the top of the engine.

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The oil drain plug on a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder is located under the engine. Maintenance includes replacement of the oil pan gasket.

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The starter on a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder SE V6 is located on the bottom, left side of the engine. It is mounted in place using a series of bolts and a mounting bracket.

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The 1995 Nissan Pathfinder oil pressure sensor can be found next to the oil filter. The oil pressure sensor measures the oil pressure in the engine.

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It is located underneath the glove box on the passager side.

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