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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1996 Ford Contour?


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According to Auto Zone, you follow the fuel line back on the driver's side until you come almost next to the gas tank and two bolts hold on the fuel filter; one of each end of the fuel filter. They said it is easy to change, but I asked my mechanic to do it because it would be my luck to break the bolts, threads or something! Fuel filter part is $7.99 at Auto Zone.

under the car, back by the rear passenger tire

Jack up the rear passenger side and there it is on the forward side of the gas tank. Brace properly with jack stand, do NOT work under a hydraulic lift. You are responsible for your own safety.

Remove fuse 14 from the main box, start the engine and let idle until it dies; you now have relieved pressure in the line. Remove cable to battery.

Loosen the screw clamp that holds the filter. Note the new plastic clips that you got with the new fuel filter, they have a barb on the inside. Be prepared for a small amount of fuel to leak after the next operation.

Look at the filter and spread the barbs on the old filter and pull out from the top- at this point, the pressure fitting will come off easily. do both sides.

Install new filter with the arrow towards engine, replace pressure fittings. Insert barbed clips, making sure the home down properly. Tighten, but don't crush fuel filter.

Replace fuse, then battery connection. WITH CAR OUT OF GEAR, OR IN NEUTRAL, Turn the ignition switch on/off five times to pressurize system. Check for leaks before lowering to the ground. Drive on for another 25K miles


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