Where is the fuel filter located on a 2000 Ford Escort ZX2?

It should be behind the engine, mounted on the firewall a foot down from the top just left (i facing the car) of center. It is very awkward to reach. you will need to discconect the battery (safety first, repressurize the systems (using a fuel system gage), pull out the retaining clip and disconnect top fuel line and let ti drain in to a container, raise the car, disconnect the bottom fuel line like the tip one(drain it also into something, unscrew the brachet that holds it in, replace it wiht a new one, connect the bottom line, lift the car and reconnect the top line, connect the battery, start and check for leaks.

Actually it is not left of center it is right of center if facing front of the car.

You can also remove the air intake housing and reach it from there if your arms are long enough. I watched the guys at Ford replace mine a couple of months ago!