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Where is the fuel filter located on a 2001 Honda Accord?


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2006-06-23 16:33:23
2006-06-23 16:33:23

in the tank,no replacement needed On any car or engine, you can always start at the fuel injector or carbourator and follow the line leading to it backwards till you find any part of the fuel system your looking for, including modified ones. This should only take a few minutes and has the advantage of exposing any other things (like pressure regulators, etc) also in the system that may have caused a problem. Uh...this also works from the gas tank and following it forward...or anywhere along the system you want to start! True, if it's in the fuel tank, as some are, you'll end up, by elimination, isolating it to having to be there.


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does a 2001 Honda civi have a transmission sensor an if so were it located at

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It is on the rear of the engine block above the drain plug.

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The cabin filter is located behind the glove box. Purchase a Purolator Cabin Filter as it comes with instructions on how to replace it.

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Yes, it is inside the transmission.

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No. Honda automatics do not have a transmission pan, therefore no filter.

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