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Where is the fuel filter located on a 2001 Mercedes C240?


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2006-10-01 15:52:43
2006-10-01 15:52:43

You may want to subscribe to which has most of the service diagrams and part locations for your car . On my C230 1998 the fuel filter is under a removable cover underneath the car near the fuel tank going toward the front of the car , on the right side I think . Also , I finally found a Haynes service manual for the car on Amazon which helps a lot .


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how do i check oil level on Mercedes c240 2001

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If its the same as the C240...The cabin air filter is located over the battery

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It is mounted on the upper front of the engine. It is a canister type.

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My data is showing two locations for the cabin filter on the C240 MY 2004 RHD & LHD behind the glove box & below the windscreen on the passenger side.

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The fuse for the wipers in a 2002 Mercedes c240 is located on the fuse panel, that is located on the driver's side engine compartment. The fuse number for the wipers is 46.

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