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Where is the fuel filter located on a 2002 Ford Mustang GT?


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2007-12-21 23:54:46
2007-12-21 23:54:46

Fuel filter is located underneath vehicle in front of gas tank; fuelfilter is under vehicle in front of gas tank


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On a 1992 Ford Mustang : The fuel filter is underneath the vehicle in front of the fuel tank

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The fuel filter is located in front of the gas tank.

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6 quarts ( 5.7 liters ) WITH FILTER CHANGE - according to the 2002 Ford Mustang owners manual

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5 quarts ( 4.7 liters ) WITH FILTER CHANGE for the 3.8 L - V6 engine in a 2002 Ford Mustang

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The 2002 Ford Mustang has a V6 engine.

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